12th Grade, Future Engineer


Always determined to push herself academically, Heleina’s school days are filled with challenging honors and AP classes, readying herself for college while supporting her love of learning as well. Still in the midst of considering career paths, she is looking to combine her love for nature with the call to help others, intrigued by renewable energy and reinvented business models that support a better future.

Why Athena Racing is Important to Me:

Athena Racing is one of the most amazing opportunities out there. It allows me to speak with knowledgeable, inspiring role models who have been more than happy to help answer any career path questions. It allows me to fine tune real world skills and learn about entrepreneurship, collaboration, business, planning, and more. It connects me with an abundance of resources to help prepare me for life after high school and college. I especially love the amazing group we have on the Student Advisory Board, and I am always inspired by each and every one of the members through their drive to succeed and learn.

VP Leadership



11th Grade, Future Doctor


With a peaking interest in the biological sciences, Akshaya aspires to become a doctor in her future. She has done many science related camps, competed in Science Olympiad during her time in middle school, and plans to volunteer in hospitals this summer. She has won numerous awards for her academic excellence in school as well as a state award for volunteering to help her community during the tumultuous times of Covid-19. While her favorite STEM class is Biology, she has recently learned more about being a mechanical engineer. As the Fabrication Lead on the 2021 FABcamp project, she assisted in building our personal robot “HomeBottie” and presenting at an International Pitch Competition.


 Why Athena Racing is Important to Me:

Athena Racing is so important to me because they have helped me grow into a more confident person! I get to meet and work with STEM role models and learn more about the different jobs related to STEM! One of my favorite quotes was said by Sreeja Nair of Qualcomm,  “You can lead from any chair.” I really enjoyed it because it made me realize that I don’t need to wait until I have more power to achieve what I want. I realized, if I really wanted, I could make anything possible. I could make use of what I have and achieve great things in life. From a girl’s perspective, this means a lot, because not many women work in stem related jobs. With Athena Racing, we get to experience different fields and find out what our interests are. Everyone in Athena Racing is so kind and they all help me grow!



8th Grade, Future Lawyer


With a curious and innovative mind, Tanisi is aspiring to become a lawyer and bring order of chaos. A creator, painter and innovator, she has won various awards, including music, dancing, crafting, and an International Taekwondo championship. She has also taken part in many math and science competitions. Her years of experience in her extracurriculars and volunteer work will give her dream university, Yale, many reasons to accept her. Her two favorite activities are Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance) and her all-time love, Taekwondo. She also likes to learn languages, and currently studying Korean!


 Why Athena Racing is Important to Me:

Athena Racing is important to me because it gives me an experience that nothing else can. It is an amazing opportunity for me to learn about working life, experience entrepreneurship, learn about STEM job opportunities, and meet business role models. I am also starting to explore the world from different perspectives. The exposure to a new group of friends, outside of school, gives me the chance for friendships that  may last a lifetime.



10th Grade, Future Computer & Electrical Engineer

As a lover of all things STEM, Mihika strives to learn more every day. She has been competing in Math competitions and winning awards since 3rd grade. She is also extremely interested in Computer Science and Engineering, and those are her favorite STEM classes at school. Mihika has been on a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics team since 7th grade and has been helping with programming the robot’s control systems and autonomous programs. She has also been on her school’s FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team since 9th grade and helps with wiring and programming the team’s robot. Mihika also enjoys tinkering with various Arduino projects. 

 Why Athena Racing is Important to Me:

Athena Racing is important to me because I think Athena Racing is a great program for any girl interested in STEM. Athena Racing has introduced me to many different possible careers in the STEM industry that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise.




7th Grade, Future Doctor
 Anaya is a twelve-year-old STEM-phanatic with a passion to learn new things. She enjoys crafting and doing creative activities such as building model cars and designing. She also loves participating in several extracurricular activities. For instance, she has been passionately practicing Indian classical dance and music for several years and has been an avid swimmer since she was an infant. 

 Why Athena Racing is Important to Me:

Athena Racing is important to me because it helps spread awareness about girls in STEM, and empowers us to follow our dreams. This is important because often, girls, in particular, don’t have the opportunity to unleash their full potential and are not exposed to the various career paths that are available.





7th Grade, Future Entrepreneur

With a curious and creative mind, Surabhi likes to write poems that are interesting to read, make crafts that are pleasing to see, and develop simple designs that help solve everyday problems. In her school, she is a meritorious student and won the President’s Education Award for outstanding academic excellence. She also received the Hawk Star Award, and participated in Helpful Hawk leadership activities, and served in the Student Council as Sergeant-at-Arms. 

 Why Athena Racing is Important to Me:

Athena Racing is important to me because I am really going places with it. Being an active Athenian, I know I will have better clarity of the future, collaborate with others well and be prepared for things in the future I didn’t even know existed. In other words, ” I will be light years beyond my peers” as Ms. Loxley says, and she is right. Even though I have only been in this program for some time I have already felt the impact. I feel inspired to do nearly everything, I am no longer afraid to speak to someone new, or ask for help. I even learned how to do an elevator pitch!




8th Grade, Future Entrepreneur

An enthusiastic teenager, Shriya is immensely interested in the STEM field and am always excited to experiment, build, and learn more. From building towers with blocks when she was was a youngster to currently experimenting with robotics, her love for engineering is never-ending.


 Why Athena Racing is Important to Me:

Since joining, I’ve really grown to love the  program and the big picture for the future. Athena Racing is important to me because the need for diversity and inclusion of girls in STEM fields is so needed. Often times girls are overlooked and told to pursue other interest, but Athena Racing helps me develop an even bigger curiosity and appreciate for all of the possibilities in STEM careers.