Heleina Cicero


7th Grade



My name is Tanisi, and one word cannot be used to describe me, I do many activities. I am a junior black belt in taekwondo, a graceful Bharatanatyam dancer, and a guitarist. I like to bake, read, watch TV, and learn languages. Currently, I am learning Korean. I love being at Athena Racing and am very grateful for all that I have.

Why Athena Racing is important to me:

Athena Racing is important to me because it gives me an experience that nothing else can. By being a part of Athena, I’m getting to learn more about STEM. I am also starting to explore the world from different perspectives. Because of Athena Racing, I am also able to make so many new friends, that may just become friends for a lifetime! Athena is also an amazing opportunity for me to learn about working life and experience an internship at an age that many other girls can’t. I also love that Athena promotes #GirlPower!


What I love about my position:

I love that in my position as a Secretary, I get to organize meetings and events. I will get to learn about time management, and how to multitask. Being a secretary will give me an experience in leading that nothing else will be able to. 


My dream college:

My dream college is Yale University. I would like to get my Juris degree (and my license to practice law) from there, and I am ready to put in the hard work and effort to achieve that.


Career paths I’m considering:

I would like to be a defense lawyer and a family lawyer. I would also somewhat like to be an actress.


Other organizations involved in:

GASD (Gujarati Association of San Diego)


Awards & Certifications:

Junior black belt trophy and a Bronze medal from the National Taekwondo championship tournament of 2019 (Jimmy Kim tournament)



I can speak confidently and debate with plenty of reasoning/evidence.


STEM Role Model that I would like to meet:

Kalpana Chawla, Jennifer Doudna