12th Grade



Avid reader, nature enthusiast, musician, and art lover, Heleina finds ways to make time for all of her favorite pastimes no matter how busy her schedule may get. 

Always determined to push herself academically, Heleina’s school days are filled with challenging honors and AP classes, readying herself for college while supporting her love of learning as well. Still in the midst of considering career paths, she is looking to combine her love for nature with the call to help others, intrigued by renewable energy and reinvented business models that support a better future.

A varsity track and cross country team captain, Heleina has developed a love for running as it as a way to spend more time outdoors while staying active. Running with her team has taught her to push the limits of what she believes she is capable of. She is also the elected secretary for her school’s division of the National Art Honor society, and an involved participant in the environmental and feminism clubs as well. 

In her free time she can be found reading, painting, playing the guitar, refereeing soccer, or taking walks with her dog.

Why Athena Racing is important to me:

Athena Racing is one of the most amazing opportunities out there. It allows me to speak with with knowledgeable, inspiring role models who have been more than happy to help answer any career path questions. It allows me to fine tune real world skills and learn about entrepreneurship, collaboration, business, planning, and more. It connects me with an abundance of resources to help pre

pare me for life after high school and college. I especially love the amazing group we have on the Student Advisory Board, and I am always inspired by each and every one of the members through their drive to succeed and learn


What I love about my position:

Being President allows me to take on a leadership role which teaches about organization, planning, communication, thoughtfulness, creativity, and taking initiative. I love working with the other board members and friends of Athena Racing, and my responsibilities are never unmanageable with the amazing guidance from Ms. Loxley. I would never have believed that I would be able to speak with girls on the other side of the country on a regular basis and work on awesome projects and camps with them, and this is the perfect way to look further into STEM career paths before going to college.


My dream college:

My dream college and training would be somewhere where I get the opportunity to work on a lot of hands on projects that prepare me for the real world. I am looking to go to college where I would be able to travel and make a difference as I learn.


Career paths I’m considering:

Environmental engineering, business, art, law.


Other organizations involved in:

  • Connecticut River Conservancy
  • National Honor Society

  • National Art Honor Society

  • National Italian Honor Society

  • National Social Studies Honor Society

  • WHS Environmental Club

  • WHS Feminism Club


Awards & Certifications:

  • CT COLT Award, Italian Culture Center of Education Book Achievement Award

  • WHS Emerging Artist Award

  • Leadership Greater Hartford’s Speaking of Leadership course






STEM Role Model that I would like to meet:

Ingrid Newkirk