I am Athenian

I am Athenian

I am.... I am a learner.I wonder how medical professionals obtain so much knowledge.I hear mentors...

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What Is Art?

What Is Art?

For so many years, art has been part of society...but have you ever wondered where it all started?...

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All of the Job Opportunities in STEM

All of the Job Opportunities in STEM

Fabrication, Graphic Design, Mechanics, Journalism…the opportunities are endless in the automotive world. Athena Racing did a FABulous job of showing us everything that we could become.

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Rebelle Rally Update

Team Ponderosa is the #1 Rebelle Rookie Team!  READ MORE>>

March Alert

“Leaders in a Time of Chaos” Article Series Introduced READ MORE>>

March Alert

Accepted into Silicon Valley M10 LIFT Accelerator READ MORE>>

March Newsletter

Finding Opportunity in Chaos READ MORE>>

February Alert

New Board Directors & Advisors are Introduced READ MORE>>

February Newsletter

Outstanding Engineering Project of the Year Award! READ MORE>>

January Alert

We’re signing autographs at the San Diego Auto Show! READ MORE>>

December Newsletter

See us on CBS 8 Zevely Zone and on TODAY! READ MORE>>

Giving Tuesday Alert

Give geeky on #GivingTuesday  READ MORE>>

November Newsletter

Thank you to our incredible volunteers and connectors! READ MORE>>

National STEM Day Alert

Get involved with our team on #STEMday! READ MORE>>

October Newsletter

The applicants are shortlised for team tryouts at K1 Speed! READ MORE>>

September Newsletter

KUSI & Hot Rod Magazine are talking about Athena Racing! READ MORE>>

September Alert

Application Deadline Extended to September 30th! READ MORE>>

August Newsletter

It’s Motorsports Awareness Month & It’s Time to Apply to the Team! READ MORE>>

July Newsletter

Our Astronauts, How we Started & Where This Program is Headed.  READ MORE>>