DRIVEr Abril


FLASH aka Abril

10th Grade, Future Engineer   Racing is one of the most expensive sports to exist due to the performance provided by the race cars, but this does not provide a true representation of people capable of racing at a high level. Nor does this help people who do not have exposure to racing of lower socioeconomic status. This applies to me being low income in an area where racing is seen as unnecessary. Since starting high school I have gained an appreciation for the level of engineering that goes into making a racecar perform at the highest level it possibly can. I am determined to learn as much as I can.  

My Favorite STEM Subject:

Engineering is the most interesting to me because of the constant change of challenges as it allows me to constantly improve. At my school, I have learned a lot about engineering such as 3D modeling software along with the basic principles of engineering. Due to this, I have been able to complete more complicated projects where I never really felt that it was the best version that it could possibly be.  

Yes! Girls in Esports:

For the past four months I have been working with my school to establish an e-motor-racing team that would learn all about the engineering aspects of racing. The ability to do this program would allow me to learn more about what real racing teams do and how they operate. This would help me in the future as well as the program would teach many skills that not only would apply to a career in motorsports but any engineering career.  

Why Athena Racing is Important to Me:

I will gain new skills and it will add to the personal experience I have with e-motorsports. As well as give me a better idea of what an actual race team is. Working with other empowering females will also be very exciting who is also interested in e-motorsports.

DRIVEr Makaela


LUCKY aka Makaela

11th Grade, Future Businesswoman   Being a member of the DRIVE Scholar Team is helping my future career goals because of the exposure I am getting to job opportunities and STEM role modles. Being told that because I am a girl, I can’t follow a certain career path or do a certain type of job because of my gender is frustrating. I plan to hold a job in STEM, and seeing these amazing women prove the naysayers wrong is so liberating. I would love to at least just inspire one little girl that women can be involved in STEM no matter what others tell them.  

My Favorite STEM Subject:

My absolute favorite STEM subjects are Science and Technology, ever since I was little I was always told that women can’t be scientists or engineers, and then one day I discovered a microscope and I fell in love with science. There are not many STEM-based courses or activities at my school, but in my free time, I love programming bots to battle my brother.  

Yes! Women in Motorsports:

My favorite person in the racing industry is Brehanna Daniels becuase she is NASCARS first female black pit member, and she continues to break the barriers for African American women like me. I get to meet like-minded women of all ages, and from different places, who all have different stories to tell. I can learn new things about topics that I love.  

Why Athena Racing is Important to Me:

I love inspiring others.

Driver Sachi

Silver Streak aka Sachi

9th Grade, Future Engineer

Since my early childhood, I have always been passionate about cars and the mechanics behind how things work. I come from a heavily immigrant-populated town. When people are walking down the streets and see a fancy car everyone talks about it. Let me rephrase that, only males are incorporated in this conversation. When a female starts to even murmur about cars she is automatically put down. I have been one of those females. 

My Favorite STEM Subject:

I immensely enjoy the subjects of physics, mechanics, and biology. From a young age I have always loved machines, cars especially. Their shiny physic and the power that they exude. From the time that my dad has been fixing his cars and experimenting with them, I have always been his “righthand (wo)man.” I love discovering the way things work and imagining how the same idea can impact another type of process. I have also started to develop a keen interest in biology. I again love to see how things work and how small instances/habits interconnect and affect humans personally. I again enjoy connecting these ideas of how things work into the sports field. It intrigues me how a little lever or a little thing that the body does can help improve performance in a certain field, sport, or sector. I enjoy robotics and coding as well, and again love to see how to incorporate all these skills into a bigger picture. 

Yes! Girls in Esports:

My very first game on the Xbox was Forza. I love buying new cars, unlocking levels, and having competition in something that I am passionate about. This scholarship is really the only chance I have in exploring this passion of mine and seeing if it can be more than a passion. It will give me the opportunity and resources to learn more about cars as well as upcoming opportunities. It will give me the chance to work with mentors that will guide me and not put me down because I am female. I will be given the opportunity to find a place where I can flourish in a field that was made for me. 

Why Athena Racing is Important to Me:

I want to see and be mentored by big names in the industry. I want to grow off of their experiences and enrich my own journey in the STEM field. I want to dive into a passion of mine and make a dream a reality. I want to flourish in a field that is predominantly male and not heavily populated by female Asians. Engineering and sports have always been a passion of mine. I play club soccer outside of school. I have always been interested in variables that could affect my playing, such as the cleats I wear, the workouts I do. I love to explore these small variables and how they make a big impact in sports, such as in car racing. In the future, I would be interested in getting a career in engineering or mechanics, as the idea of how every action has a reaction intrigues me.