Etiquette Manager


shriya athena racing student


8th Grade



I’m immensely interested in the STEM field and am always excited to experiment, build, and learn more. From building towers with blocks when I was 4 to currently experimenting with robotics, my love for engineering is never-ending.

Why Athena Racing is important to me:

Since becoming a member of Athena Racing, I have really loved the reasoning for the program. Athena Racing is important to me because the inclusion of women and girls in STEM fields is so needed. Often times, the idea of girls and women in these male-dominated fields is overlooked, but Athena Racing has helped me to develop an even bigger interest in STEM fields ! We are working hard to get more girls and women engaged and into STEM to break this stereotype.


What I love about my position:

As an Etiquette Manager and as a part of SAB, there are many things I hope to learn. Being a Student Advisory Board member, I’m hoping to polish my communication, organization, leadership, and teamwork skills. These key skills will also come in handy in future positions. In this position, I also love that I get to gather information and do research that could potentially help me in building research skills that can also be used in the future.


My dream college:

I’ve always dreamed of going to college at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but if not, I hope to study at either University of California Los Angeles or University of California San Diego.


Career paths I’m considering:

After high school, I hope to study either marine ecology, atmospheric science, or computer engineering. After completing college, I would like to pursue a career in either research science or engineering.


Other organizations involved in:

 Aside from Athena Racing, I am currently a part of the All-Girls STEM Society and have taken part in many programs with them. As an 8th grader this year, I’m also a part of our school’s mentor program. I’m also an integral part of a First Tech Challenge robotics team. Additionally, I’ve been doing many extracurricular activities such as Taekwondo, classical singing, Bharatanatyam dancing, playing the violin, and more


Awards & Certifications:

Awards that I have won include awards in the Noetic Math Contest in 4th and 5th grade, regional level medals from Science Olympiad in the meteorology and atmospheric science field, an honorable mention award from a school coding competition, and more. I have also now successfully completed 7 years of learning a second language. 

STEM Role Model that I would like to meet:

Someday, I would like to meet the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai.