Community Outreach Manager




7th Grade



I am here to connect with our community and share the work we do at Athena Racing. Interests of mine are learning new skills, positively engaging with others, creative writing, crafting, making solutions and fixing items at home, gardening, hiking, traveling, and dancing Bharathanatyam.

Why Athena Racing is important to me:

“Athena Racing is important to me because I am really going places with it. Being an active Athenian, I know I will have better clarity of the future, collaborate with others well and be prepared for things in the future I didn’t even know existed. In other words, ” I will be light years beyond my peers” as Ms. Loxley says, and she is right. Even though I have only been in this program for some time I have already felt the impact. I feel inspired to do nearly everything, I am no longer afraid to speak to someone new, or ask for help. I even learned how to do an elevator pitch!”


What I love about my position:

“I really like my SAB position. The first aspect I like about it is that one of my duties will be crafting cards which are also a hobby of mine. Doing something you like as your work is always a win-win situation. The next thing I like about my role is thanking people who shared their experiences, resources, and knowledge with us. Not only does it show to them that we really do appreciate their time with Athena racing, but it also encourages them to support us again. Another role I am given is to spread the word of Athena Racing. In this, I will learn to put the social skills taught in earlier camps by Athena Racing into action. I am sure, I will be learning much more as I get to experience more of this role.”


My dream college:

UC Berkeley – Business Entrepreneurship


Career paths I’m considering:

Entrepreneur and/or CEO of a company


Other organizations involved in:

Girl Scout, Feeding San Diego, Natesha School Of Bharathanatyam (Indian classical dance), Kannada Kali (Learning Kannada which is my mother tongue), Gurukul at Srimandir San Diego (Indian culture and values).


Awards & Certifications:

  • Presidents Education Award 2020 for outstanding academic excellence
  • Bronze Award ( highest award to achievable for a Girl Scout Junior)
  • Miramar Ranch Elementary Leadership award (for outstanding work, dedication, and positive attitude)
  • Elected as Student Council Sergeant at arms 2018
  • Hawkstar Award for being a good citizen
  • Winner of multiple regional competitions, such as Math Olympiad, quiz, and spiritual chantings





STEM Role Model that I would like to meet:

Reshma Saujani ( Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code)

Limor Fried (CEO and Chief Engineer, Adafruit Industries)

Melonee Wise (CEO, Fetch Robotics)

Gwynne Shotwell (President and COO, SpaceX)

Mary Barra (Chairman and CEO, General Motors Company)

Evelyn Wang (MIT, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering)