PR Manager


anaya athena racing student


7th Grade



I am a twelve-year-old STEM-phanatic with a passion to learn new things.  I enjoy crafting and doing creative activities such as building model cars and designing.

Why Athena Racing is important to me:

Athena Racing is important to me because  it helps spread awareness about women in STEM, and empowers young girls to follow their dreams.  This is important because often, girls, in particular, don’t have the opportunity to unleash their full potential and do what they want to because of their gender.


What I love about my position:

Something that I will learn as the PR Manager is how to improve my impromptu speaking skills and how to properly contact speakers and members of the press.


My dream college:

I hope to graduate from Stanford University with a major in biology and chemistry to become a pediatrician.


Career paths I’m considering:

I am considering a career path in the medical/healthcare field.


Other organizations involved in:

Being someone who loves to take on new challenges, I decided to join the Miss Poway Scholarship Pageant in 2019.  Through this program, I was able to and hope to continue putting a smile on the faces of local people by volunteering at numerous events.


Awards & Certifications:

  • 3rd place FAB Camp 2021

  • 1st place CRASH Jewelry contest

  • public speaking certification





STEM Role Model that I would like to meet:

Elon Musk