VP Leadership



11th Grade



With a keen interest in biology, a goal of Akshaya’s is to be able to make a positive impact on the world, whether it is big or small. She hopes to use her knowledge in STEM to assist her with her future ambitions.

Why Athena Racing is important to me:

Athena racing is so important to me because they have helped me grow into a more confident person! I get to meet many new STEM leaders with Athena Racing and also learn more about the different jobs related to STEM! One of my favorite quotes from an Athena Racing guest is “you can lead from any chair,” said by Sreeja Nair. I really enjoyed it because it made me realize that I don’t need to wait until I have more power to achieve what I want. I realized, if I really wanted, I could make anything possible. I could make use of what I have and achieve great things in life. From a girl’s perspective, this means a lot, because not many women work in stem related jobs, but with Athena Racing, we get to experience different fields and find out what our interests are. Everyone in Athena Racing is so kind and they all help me grow!


What I love about my position:

I love the leadership opportunities that I will be able to get from my position, being able to lead a group of people is an important trait to have in my opinion, so being able to get this opportunity as a teen is really special.


My dream college:

My current top two colleges are Stanford University and UCSD. They both have really good medical programs.


Career paths I’m considering:

Currently, the career paths that excite me most are medical paths and business fields, as I hope to become a doctor in the future. Lately, working with Athena Racing, I have also gained interest in what mechanical engineers do. I hope to incorporate that knowledge gained from the opportunities as an SAB member to create an invention that could be useful in the medical field someday.


Other organizations involved in:

  • Tutors without borders, Kumon


Awards & Certifications:

  • Recently, Akshaya got a state award for volunteering over 100 hours for her community during Covid.
  • She has won a 300$ prize for competing in an app design contest by Qualcomm in the 6th grade
  • She has multiple tennis awards from her years of playing tennis
  • Her art has been published in a book called Celebrating Arts multiple times
  • Has academic honor roll multiple times throughout her school career
  • Competed in Science Olympiad, won a couple awards in middle school



My superhero power would be able to talk to all types of animals as well as control plants.


STEM Role Model that I would like to meet:

I would really like to meet Michelle Obama