Free Club Athena Membership

for Daughters of Active Military!

During the “Month of the Military Child” daughters of active military members are invited to join Athena Racing! We are supporting girls to maximize their potential and excel academically, socially, emotionally and physically for life and career readiness.

The Four Foundations of Athena Racing

Our purpose-built training focused on the latest real-time workforce needs is our approach to the full intrapersonal development across our four key areas, each area representing a corner of the Athenian diamond represented in our logo:

CHARACTER programs create the leader from within by exploring characteristics related to the Goddess Athena – courage, morality, intelligence, diplomacy, justice, education – that empower our members to become leaders and enact positive change.

COURAGE programs develop the mindset to lead by example by creating a foundation of success in their whole being – mind, body and heart –  creating young leaders of physical, emotional, and mental fortitude.

CONFIDENCE programs support our members by providing a safe space to learn and explore real-life projects to learn the essential life skills and career development that will put them on the path to internships, post-secondary education and feeder programs of their dreams.

CONTINUITY programs encourage our members to think for the long-term. To celebrate the wins and continue progress forward to create the change for good that we desire.

What is Club Athena?

  • It’s a private online club! 
  • Only approved Athena Racing applicants are allowed!
  • You can be anywhere in the world – all events are hosted virtually on Club Athena!
  • It’s your place to meet other Club Athena members from around the globe!
  • Special drops, surprise visits, weekly polls and monthly prizes will only be found at the Club….you won’t even see them in the newsletters and alerts!
  • And it’s a girls-only club!

As the “Month of the Military Child” comes to an end, our offer does NOT! Daughters of active members of the military can receive free membership in Club Athena until August 2023! 

Follow These Steps to Apply

Step 1: Visit our website and complete the membership application. 
Step 2: Make certain to notate on the application that you are an active member of the military and supply your military ID as the required parent photo.
Step 3: Watch for the verification email that will give you the needed membership number and next steps.
Step 4: Watch for your special invitation to Club Athena, our private online social network that is only for Athenians.
Step 5: Join us daily, weekly, monthly for the events that we host on Club Athena. If you reserve a seat for our summer camps you will be invited into a private group just for that camp.

You have until May 20, 2022 to apply and receive this offer for free membership in Club Athena until August 2023. That is more than a year of free membership!

Free membership into Club Athena will be granted until August 2023.