FABcamp 2022

WEDNESDAYS  – July 6, 13, 20, 27

8:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Pacific Time

This is an online STEM-education maker camp for middle school and high school girls who are curious about cars – designing, building and engineering, how they work, and those who make them. Our team will be showcasing how to plan, build, and wrench as we move our shop online with project-based learning.

Each week we will unveil all of the stages of building a driving simulator from a BMW, interview female STEM role models, tour career possibilities, explore mechanical marvels and have fun contests!

By the end, we will have completed the build of a completely custom driving simulator built from a BMW. Throughout the camp, you’ll learn about tools, engineering and fabrication, but you’ll be having so much fun you won’t realize how much you are learning.

We guarantee that this year’s FABcamp will keep you riveted!

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Cost: $200 seat reservation donation




July 25 – 29

1:45 p.m. to  5:30 p.m. PST

Do you want to be one who makes the world move? We’re going to take a look into all of the departments of the transportation industry – on land, sea and air. It doesn’t matter what your strengths are, if you have a love for moving people and things, there is a job for you. Engineers, artists, mechanics, fabricators, business leaders, builders, communicators, inventors, test pilots/drivers – all are necessary to making transportation come to life whether it is a car, airplane, train, helicopter, rocket, tractor trailer, autonomous robot, electric tractor, autonomous people mover, submarine, fighter jet or the Goodyear blimp. 

Each day will be a different topic as we dive deep into the world of transportation and mobility – Racing, Automobiles, Cycles, Trucks, Boats, Submarines, Rail, Airplanes, Rockets, Space, and our special build for STEM day 2022. We will go behind-the-scenes at companies, discover what skills you need, have one-on-one conversations with STEM female role models, listen to panel discussions with teams of experts, and experience the feeling of each mode of transportation.


August 1 – 5

8:45 a.m. – 11 a.m. PST

Are you interested in working at the internship of your dreams? Building out your high school resume so that you can compete for the right college and scholarship?

Career development doesn’t come naturally – you have to train, refine your skills, hone in on your strengths, and persevere through the ups and downs. Our team of experts will help you focus on your “future me” and give you the steps to get to the dream career path that you are seeking. You may be young, yet with your defined purpose you will outshine your competition regardless of age. 

This is a must for high school girls across the nation who want to excel in their careers.  

You can join us for LIVE Virtual Camp on Zoom or Self-Paced Viewing on Club Athena!

Our STEM summer camps are virtual and can be experienced from anywhere in the USA. Our members are in all time zones. We are the best STEM summer camp for girls only! So far our camps have been reserved by members in Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Miami, Boston, Silicon Valley, Portland, Dallas, San Antonio, Charlotte, Birmingham, Los Angeles, San Franciso, Seattle, Detroit and more. This is THE STEM summer camp for girls who are makers, inventors, designers, engineers, artists who want to create how our world moves in the future!