Have you ever wondered what you could do to incorporate art into STEM? Well here is the answer for you! It’s a simple thing that you can do on a daily basis to make your career more interesting and make people want to hire you.

woman drawing a concept car

The definition of engineering is the use of scientific principles to design and build. When people say the word engineering most think of buildings and robotics. The majority of the population thinks engineering is for nerds and only includes the structural aspect of things, but Engineering is so much more. When you decide you want to build something you think not only of the structure but the design or the look of how it’s going to turn out. This thought process is applying art to your project. When you do simple tasks such as picking out a color for your robot, you are designing an art project. Engineering takes a lot of mathematics and science, but it also takes design, art, and creativity.  

The definition of art is a diverse range of human activities that uses your imagination to express feelings, ideas, and thoughts. Most famous artists have very creative minds that allow them to express their ideas and feelings. When you first start painting or sculpting you may be asking yourself what you should be creating. This means that you haven’t opened up the ideas that are hiding inside of you yet. Once you access your creative mind the ideas are limitless. 

When you are an engineer it’s important that you have more than one skill set and an open mind of wanting to learn more. When you are able to capture that progression you will be set for success. The best attribute you can have when being an engineer is to be creative. Creative people can show that they can accomplish many different things by using their imagination. This will gives engineers many different opportunities. 

Creativity shows up in so many ways- art, nature, science, engineering, and people. Engineers incorporate nature, science, and art into their jobs and projects. This is very apparent in the buildings, bridges, city planning, and landscapes that are built on a regular basis. Engineers in their own right are artists of everyday life. They use their creative mind as well as their scientific mind to accomplish their goals. Engineers come up with creative solutions to common problems with ease. They pride themselves on looking at tasks “outside the box” to create a better world that we can live, breathe, and thrive in. 

Most of the time people think that art can only be your hobby, but that’s not completely true! If you want to be an engineer, but you also want to have art in your life, do both! Use art to make your projects more interesting. Break the stereotype that you can only be smart or only be creative, be both! Show the world that you are smart and you are artistic! No matter what, make sure that you accomplish whatever your goals are! It’s ok to be an engineer by day and an artist by night, but it’s better to combine art into your career. Be creative, brave, smart, and ambitious!



ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Ocean Tice, Student Advisory Board