Two weekends each month our team at Athena Racing has a full weekend of training. We felt we would share what we do at our training courses since people always appear curious as to what goes on when we get together. We arrive at 9 am on Saturday and spend an intense 34 hours together until we part on Sunday evening.

Once the team is present, we review what has transpired since we last met. Then we progress over the next 34 hours through our ten Education Tracks, which are: driving, mechanics, safety, leadership, wellness, photography, etiquette, entrepreneurship, public speaking and marketing. 

We only get two weekends a month with each other. One weekend is focused on racing, the other weekend is focused on training in our ten education tracks. Much like a college class, we are expected to show up having the basic knowledge so that we can ask questions and dive deeper into the subject with the experts who visit.

We are constantly vying for our favorite education track, driving, as we take turns practicing on the driving simulators. In preparation for visiting Laguna Seca this summer, we practice that track relentlessly. Our goal is to perfect our lines, determine brake points, and obtain maximum acceleration. We now race for the podium each Sunday afternoon which adds points to our overall goal of being awarded as the overall champion at the awards banquet in October.

Training weekends are wonderful to support us receive a better awareness of cars, racing, and future careers.  We look forward to every weekend we can get together!


Written by Emily Gornall

“Motor racing is like one big family, ultimately, and when you come back to it, that’s really what it feels like.”

-Mario Andretti

Emily Gornall

Emily Gornall

Team Member & Spokesperson

Emily is a high school AP and Honor student in her junior year. As a young entrepreneur who currently works in the executive assistant role with two companies, she is gaining the experience needed to command a transportation sector in the upcoming decades. Her vacations are spent on road trips with her family exploring the USA.