Discover what goes into creating the livery of racecars. We will explore the entire process from starting with a mood board and the vision for the company, sponsors, and driver to creating the design that is on a car at the INDYCAR race at Portland International Raceway on September 4.  This internship will be featured at FABcamp and will be the highlight of the national ad campaign and “Drive to Donate” fundraiser.

Skills: creativity, art, sketching, color theory, design, communication

Career Possibilities: graphic designer, marketing, commercial design, art director

Full Day Intensives from 10am to 4pm Pacific Time will be: Feb 6, Mar 6, Apr 3 (10am to 1pm), pitch day is May 7

Monthly Check-ins from 4 pm to 5 pm Pacific Time will be: Feb 20, Mar 20, Apr 17

We are creating our own PRIVATE social network for Athenians only! Those who join this project are going to help lay the foundation of Club Athena in the formation stage. What we are building is the first step in learning how to socialize on professional networks like LinkedIn with the fun and socialization that we know you want. Building this is going to allow us to grow Athena Racing to the global organization of our dreams! We have an intense three months of project management, researching communities, creating the right experience for our members, creating the brand graphics, intertwining our editorial calendar to develop fun activities for our members for the remainder of the year. In August we are planning the first launch of five of our Education Tracks that will be connected to our site. Apply for this membership if you are a big-picture thinker  who wants to be in charge of one portion of this project!

We will launch this to registered Athenians on April 1 for premiere registration to the Club and Summer Camps. This will open to all Athenians with a launch party on May 1st.

Skills: big picture thinking, project management, organization, site architecture, UX design, UI design, graphic arts, community building

Career Possibilitiesgraphic designer, e-commerce, marketing, CEO, community outreach, partnership development

Full Day Intensives from 10am to 4pm Pacific Time will be: Feb 12, Mar 12, Apr 2, May 14

Monthly Check-ins from 5 pm to 6 pm Pacific Time will be: Feb 20, Mar 20, Apr 17

Calling all Athenian fashionistas! We are going to start designing our own line of merchandise with the assistance of the merchandising team at 100 Thieves. They will take us all the way through the conceptual, design, cut and sew, and e-commerce process. By the time we launch Club Athena to all members on May, we’ll have a special line of clothing to spotlight our brand!

Skills:creativity, design, consumer research, communication, sales, photography, branding

Career Possibilities: fashion designer, graphic designer, merchandising, e-commerce, marketing

Full Day Intensives from 10am to 4pm Pacific Time will be: Feb 13, Mar 13, Apr 16 (10 to 1), May 15

Monthly Check-ins: will be: Mar 6 from 4pm to 5 pm, Apr 3 from 4 to 4:30, May 7 from 4 to 4:30

Our FABcamp build this year is going to be a showstopper! We are building a driving simulator in a real car…or a portion of a car. We are converting a wrecked car into a driving sim work of art! We’ll fire up the welding torch and cut the car in half so only the driver’s seat, door, and front end are intact. Then we’ll customize it with a gaming steering wheel, pedal, gaming PC, curved monitor, and butt shaker so that it becomes the most unique driving simulator you’ve ever seen. This driving sim will be the spotlight when we attend the INDYCAR race at Portland International Raceway on September 4. This will be the focus of FABcamp 2022. This could also become the most fun way to learn how to drive! 

Skills: project management, design, fabrication, troubleshooting, workflow development

Career Possibilitiescar design, product design, R&D, manufacturing

Full Day Intensives from 10am to 4pm Pacific Time will be: Feb 19, Mar 19, Apr 17, May 21, June 18,19,25,26

Monthly Check-ins: will be Mar 6 from 5 pm to 6 pm, Apr 3 from 4:30 to 5, May 7 from 4:30 to 5

If you are interested in entrepreneurship and starting your own company, this is the first thing that you need to learn – how to find the money. We are doing this project to raise the funding necessary to create the fourteen Club Athena Education Track training sessions. Our goal is to find companies whose products or services complement our education tracks. This process will take you step-by-step through the business process, how to create a win-win for both parties, development of the marketing materials and delivering ROI.

Skills: communication, sales, contract negotiation, project management, public speaking

Career Possibilitiesbusiness development, finance, partnerships, franchise, race team director, start-up, entrepreneurship

Full Day Intensives from 10am to 4pm Pacific Time will be: Feb 20, Mar 20, Apr 16 (1 to 4), May 22

Monthly Check-ins from 5 pm to 6 pm Pacific Time will be: Mar 13, Apr 3 from 5 to 5:30 pm, May 15


You must be an active Athena Racing member to apply. If you are just discovering Athena Racing, you can APPLY HERE. It takes our team 24 to 48 hours to manually review and process applications.

All intensives are online with the exception of the FABcamp build. A good wifi connection and device are necessary to be involved.

All scheduled times are West Coast – Los Angeles – Pacific Time Zone.

Should you be selected to any listed intensive, it is required that you be present at every meeting during your intensive. If you miss a required day of your intensive, you will not be admitted to the following training sessions forfeiting your seat, addition to resume, and intensive certificate.

It will be necessary for you to download the Club Athena app and be an active member on the Club Athena network to stay current on information, receive alerts and work with others in the private internship group.

You can apply for multiple intensives with the understanding that you will be chosen for the position(s) that best fits your qualifications and career goals.

These are non-paid intensives and extensive, real-life training for middle school and high school girls who are eager to learn and provided free-of-cost thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and volunteers.



We empower the young ladies who are the “nerds,” the “game-changers,” the “status quo demolishers”. 

Our intensive spring internship online program gives our members a community of like-minded, engineering-thinking, design-wielding creators. During our merit-based intensive studies, our participants will meet outstanding female STEM role models, and have new experiences outside of their bubble  where they will learn a multitude of skills that will benefit them throughout life. 

Club Athena is built upon the Athenian characteristics of Character, Confidence and Courage.

This is a GIRLS-ONLY STEM Education Club.