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Teresa Spafford

Design Consultant

You can’t help but want to be like Teresa Spafford. 

She has an ability to see the bigger picture. To connect the dots. To listen to two drummers in completely different genres and hear music. She makes you want to dance. She’s a rockstar.

Hailing from a land down under, Spafford moved to tiny Provo Utah to study industrial design. After graduation she sought a career in automotive design with laser like focus. Teresa’s design philosophy was to see the whole car. Not merely the interior, or the exterior. But the whole car. The driver. The driver’s family. The composition of the road that car would eventually be driven.

Teresa Spafford is the big picture.

Her design aesthetic, technical knowledge, and tenacity proved an intoxicating cocktail. She not only survived in an industry traditionally dominated by men, she thrived. She also gave back, ensuring that she promoted other women in her capacity as the only female designer on staff at Mazda in California.

Her message of design integrity and professional feminism are just a sliver of the reason we are elated to welcome Teresa Spafford as Camp Athena’s Role Model speaker. 

Read on to learn more about Teresa and how she is helping to advance the bright futures of our Athenians.

Images courtesy of Mazda USA

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Design Consultant

In a Nutshell

I am a Design Consultant with over 20 years designing automobiles and a focus on future trends and material innovations. I like to research, explore and design what is needed improve life all while preserving our planet’s resources.

Why I Got Into a Career in Motorsports

While I was at university studying Industrial Design we were required to take a trip with our fellow students to tour different design studios. It was on one of the tours that I got to see inside the California Automotive Design Studios. Each one was very different. I never saw myself drawing cars every day as a career, I saw myself making a difference, and that’s when it came to me I could make a difference as a woman designing cars.

Favorite Car(s)

I have a few favorites. Each one is built for purpose, and none of them is about getting from Point a to point b.

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