During this pandemic, a lot of us are stuck at home, feeling very bored.  I was the same way until the 2020 Athena Racing FAB camp came to the rescue.

Every Wednesday in July 2020, forty-two female students from around the globe gather on zoom with one goal in their mind: learning about cars. Every class is a new adventure; we do everything from watching videos on car collections to meeting successful individuals in the automotive industry. Apart from that, here at the Athena Racing FABcamp, we don’t just learn about cars; we are also taught valuable skills that we can use throughout our lives such as entrepreneurship and proper workplace etiquette. I think that going to this camp not only makes my knowledge of cars stronger, but also makes me a stronger individual.

As I mentioned before, the students in this camp are all girls. Why you ask; in today’s world it is extremely hard for women to get a job in the automotive industry. They are either faced by sexual segregation or criticism. People think that by being a girl, you are less capable. We girls at the FABcamp have heard several stories from our inspiring guest speakers who have been told countless times that they couldn’t do it because they were a girl. For example, Ms. Roberta who taught us about leadership and what it takes to successfully lead a team was told as a teenager that if she wanted to be part of the automotive industry, she would have to be an umbrella girl. Thankfully, Loxley Brown wanted to change that and show the world just how capable girls can be. So, she created the 2020 all-girls FABcamp to train the minds of bright, young women who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

Every week, we receive assignments that help strengthen our knowledge on cars. These assignments don’t just involve cars, but also art and creativity. Sometimes we have to research, draw, or even write, which keeps our brain active and ready for the new school year. During the class, we have to fill out two worksheets regarding the information presented by our guest speakers. After the class, we take quizzes about the worksheets. We also get a contest and extra credit assignment to work on each week. In our first contest, we had to design our camp T-shirt. Some of the other contests include designing the car wrap for Athena Racing’s Mazda Miata and creating a video about our experience at camp. The winner of each contest receives a round of applause and a well-deserved gift card. On the other hand, extra credit assignments like this article, are ways for us to earn some extra points. Though the homework may seem hard, you can’t even tell it’s work because we have so much fun doing it.

As you can see, the 2020 Athena Racing FABcamp is a great learning experience. I am so glad to be working with Athena Racing and have something exciting to do during quarantine. Despite staying at home, I am able to make new friends and meet amazing new people through this program. It is so much fun to be learning and connecting with girls of my age who share the passion and love for learning about cars and STEM education. I am extremely fortunate and grateful for FABcamp.


ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Anaya Kumar, Student Advisory Board Member

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have broken many glass ceilings – so I know it can be done.

-Helen Clark, Former New Zealand Prime Minister