Safety is the number one priority within the team and with any other organization. Rules regarding track safety are extremely important overall because it ensures extra caution for activities done or performed within our team. Here, we will cover safety on the racetrack, safety in the auto shop and safety at home.

Safety in an Automotive Shop:

When racers and their team are not at the track, they are looking for ways to make their car faster, or are fixing up any damage done to their cars in a previous race at the shop. When in the shop, it is very easy for something to go wrong. To stay safe, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, wearing safety gear is a MUST, especially when using heavy machinery. When handling an electrical tool, whether it be heavy or small machinery, it is essential to keep the floors and all your gear dry to prevent yourself from being electrocuted. Another rule is to keep all tools on a tool cart so that you have everything in one place, and it will be easy to go back and use other tools when needed.

Safety on the Racetrack:

When arriving at a racetrack, whether or not you have been there before, there are precautions taken to ensure the safety of everyone there. At a racetrack, one should always follow the rules that are set in place, along with safety rules that don’t change between racetracks. The first rule you should keep in mind is attending a meeting where “rookies” (those who are new to a specific racing group or track) get the rundown about the racetrack. This is extremely important, especially to those who are new to racing in general. The next rule is to learn the various flags and their meanings. These flags are used during the race and are expected to be known by everyone. If they are ignored, serious consequences can be held against you. The third rule is to be aware of everything around you. Of course, your adrenaline will be pumping because of the excitement that surrounds a race. However, to make sure that you and everyone else around you is safe, make sure you DO NOT get distracted. The racetrack is an extremely fun place to be; when everyone stays safe, it’s even better!

Safety at Home:

As the world stays home during this pandemic, there are countless warnings shared with us everyday by news outlets and social media. While it is essential to follow stay-at-home orders, it is also important that we are being safe around the people we live with. If there is anyone in your household who has an essential job, or if you or someone you live with leaves the house, make sure that when they return home, they wash their hands and are clean before you see them. COVID-19 is very contagious and can live on surfaces for long periods of time. Remember, you should only be leaving your home for essential tasks. Keep in mind the people who are most at risk for this virus. If we practice safety and social distancing, we can insure the safety of many lives through this sickness.

Stay Safe Out There!

Safety is essential to think about not only in racing, but also as we all go through this difficult time. Our team knows that being safe on the track and in the shop are important, but keeping these rules and making sure they are enforced is even more essential. While we might not be able to see each other as much during this time, we are also ensuring that we stay at home to not only stay safe, but to keep each other safe.

Written by Rosy Zuniga

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Rosy Zuniga

Rosy Zuniga

Team Member & Spokesperson

Rosy’s positivity, smiles, and infectious laugh keep the team in high spirits. A high school senior, she is planning on pursuing an engineering degree without racking up the big student debt bill by working her way up from community college to a San Diego-based university. While her senior year isn’t like the typical year thanks to the coronavirus, she plans on having a productive summer interning with a local business in the engineering and R&D departments.