Athena Racing is a certified non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides an opportunity for young ladies in high school to explore careers in the STEM and automotive industries.

In the midst of this year’s fundraising drive, Athena Racing is working to raise $550,000 by October 15th. This capital raise will provide ten young ladies each with a scholarship to be in the program. This scholarship will cover the race car, race entry fees, uniforms, training, equipment, and travel to regional races – everything needed to provide the required training.

The team, to be announced on KUSI TV San Diego on October 20th, will gain educational experiences with innovative and hands-on activities instructed by experts with STEM careers in the motorsport, automotive and transportation industry.

With an incredible focus on business, each member will be exploring entrepreneurship, marketing, and leadership. One of their assignments will include pitching a start-up concept. With the help of the rest of the team to execute the start-up, the team will bring the idea to life and take it to market. Profits from these start-up ideas will go into a fund which will be divided among all team members for future education expenses.

One of the monthly team-building projects will be writing a children’s book. This book will then be used to spread the excitement of racing, mechanics, and learning to the younger students. The team will appear at different events and public book readings to inspire the younger students with their work.

The more support the young female racers receive, the more they can give back to the San Diego community. Not only will they be offering community service support, but they will also be leading the female empowerment and STEM education movement by being the only all-female high school racing team. These young ladies will show young girls that they, too, can pursue a career in motorsports, automotive and transportation industries with STEM-related career options.

San Diego community member San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) is helping Athena Racing by offering publicity in their newsletter and emails to teachers across the county.

“We wanted to partner with Athena Racing because their mission to help young women enter careers in STEM and traditionally male-dominated industries, such as engineering and automotive technology, is in lockstep with SDCOE’s goal of providing all students, including the historically-underserved, equitable access to meaningful careers,” SDCOE said.

Other community members such as the Elementary Institute of Science (EIS) are supporting the Athena Racing team by offering the collaborative efforts of their STEM education program, Girls Take Flight, where female high school students are taught how to fly drones.

“The San Diego region is a powerhouse when it comes to STEM education. We are always looking for new ways to collaborate. For example, having the students in our Girls Take Flight program using their drones to photo document and shoot video of the Athena girls racing,” EIS said. 

The future Athena Racing team of ten young ladies will do their part by inspiring others to join the STEM movement. This will open doors for future generations of young girls to enter male-dominated industries with strength and confidence. But, this effort has to be collaborative. Athena Racing needs everyone’s help to build this unique platform and give young ladies an equal opportunity to be leaders in the STEM and automotive fields. 

Please donate anything you can to be a part of this necessary and opportunistic movement.

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