Do you want to be one who makes the world move? We’re going to take a look into all sectors of the transportation industry – on land, sea and air. It doesn’t matter what your strengths are, if you have a love for moving people and things, there is a job for you. Each day will be a different topic as we dive deep into the world of transportation and mobility – Racing, Wheels, Marine, Air and Space.

Camp FAQs

How do you think this camp will inspire more girls to enter the transportation industry?

I believe the only thing that holds women back from entering this industry is not knowing all of the job opportunities that are available. For me it’s fun exploring and showing the different jobs. What we do is similar to “Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs” by showing you opportunities that you would never experience.


How did you come up with the idea for Land + Sea + Air camp?

For me it’s all about being on the move! I am very lucky to have owned fun cars, boats, and airplanes. It’s that hands-on knowledge that I gained working with each that has helped me to build Athena Racing. It has also made me realize how the skills that you learn with one can transfer to another. Because of that I thought it was really important for our future female leaders to be exposed to all of the modes of transportation. Knowing all of the opportunities will give you better ideas as to how your strengths will best match a career path.


What makes the transportation industry so versatile?

It is such an important part of our everyday life! I think it is necessary to see all of the different factors that come into play to make the world move. Everything moves at such a fast pace now largely in part to the inventions of Henry Ford and the Wright brothers. Without them we would not be making the advances that we are now and moving forward with exploring outer space. The type of vehicle you see on the road right now won’t be the norm two decades from now. Cars, boats, and airplanes are starting to have characteristics that mimic each other. Once you see how they are built, how to design them, how robotics and electronics are designed into them, it will open your mind as to the similarities that they have. It’s important to know the basic elements, but also have that innovative, creative mind that can build the vehicle of the future.


What is a Athena Racing‘s involvement with the transportation industry?

We are helping to train the future designers, engineers, businesswoman, mechanics, fabricators, drivers of the future of transportation.


What skills do you think are important to have to be a part of the transportation industry?

A love of at least one of the STEM subjects …of course. But also, the ability to learn, to innovate, to be creative, being able to work with your hands, awareness, an attitude of safety, stellar communication skills, leadership qualities (regardless of rank) and most importantly work ethic.


Why does the transportation industry have such a big impact on our daily lives?

Our modern world has grown dependent upon being able to move people and products. Because of that, the transportation industry is as necessary as the food, housing, and medical sectors. Without transportation we wouldn’t be able to move the items that we need for everyday survival. This is one of the industries to look at as you think about where you want to be and what you want to do with your life.


Do you think we relied more on the transportation industry before the pandemic or now?

I think it’s easier to see now how transportation it’s such a necessary part of our lives. When the global pandemic first started and we were all in lockdown orders, it was the truckers and the railroads who kept supplies moving. Granted the airline industry has suffered a huge hit because people cannot travel as they could before. But as those of us who have cars and don’t have to rely on public transportation have realized, it is a privilege to have your own transportation in which you feel safe.


Where did your passion for this industry began?

When I was a teenager, I was extremely excited to turn 16 and get my driver’s license. To me it meant freedom. I know that mindsets have changed now, and many teenagers do not want to get their license. It requires tremendous responsibility! You have to practice safety every time you get behind the wheel. You have to be aware of your surroundings. I believe that driving teaches those who respect it to be a better adult.

Being a designer, I always look at every object from a sense of practicality and use, but also from the viewpoint of beauty. I believe that there are some vehicles that have been designed that are ageless in their beauty, specifically Jaguars and Porsches.



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