We aren’t even through the first three months and have accomplished what most would deem impossible. In ten weeks, a concept was developed and brought to life. 
That concept is Athena Racing.
Every conversation I have begins with, “How did you come up with this idea?” For me, the need for Athena was obvious. I have been the only woman in the room my entire career. Nothing about that is easy. With the number of teenagers in my life who come to me for help on the big decisions, I knew I could make a difference in some young lives, change entrenched mindsets, and disrupt the status quo. 
I grew up watching astronauts alter the course of the exploration age. Before 1959 that was not a career option. Could you imagine Alan Shepard looking at his mother in 1935 and stating that he would be the first American in outer space? Unheard of! Sixty years later, our Athenians are today’s equivalent of stating “I am going to become an astronaut.” With the changes that we have seen occur in the past fifteen years alone, imagine what the children in our lives can dream, design, and build in the next fifteen.
The raw, intelligent, curious minds who will form the inaugural Athena Racing team for 2019-22 class are our astronauts, our Einsteins, our “Hidden Figures.” It’s time to let their talent shine brightly and come out of the shadows created by society.
This year, this month, is the one time that you will hear me make this critical request. Those of you who have young women in your life will understand the importance of what Athena Racing is setting out to accomplish. I ask you now to help us raise the $550,000 needed to launch the inaugural program. Donate what you can and ask others in your life to help. 
The past ten weeks have been equal parts exhausting and exciting, but we aren’t done yet.
In record time we: created a business plan and budget, set our branding (and everyone loves that logo!), created an online presence, became a nonprofit corporation in the State of California, were granted our official nonprofit 501c3 status, and produced an amazing movie that gives insight into the program. 
We are now in the eleventh hour and ready to set records. 
Help us to engage our future’s brightest female minds. This inaugural program is just the beginning. We have plans for growth, inclusion, and teaching. Your help today will pave our road to success tomorrow.

Loxley Browne
President, Board of Directors

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