Maserati Bracelet



Ferrari Bracelet



G-Wagon Bracelet

“I cannot put into words how surprised I was when I was announced one of the winners, I was ecstatic! I am so thankful that I was able to attend Ms. Christi’s workshop & be able to bring my design to life. I hope you vote for me, I went through so many design challenges to create the product I have and ended up with something better than I could have ever imagined. Since I am a part Marasthian part Gujratti, I have a lot of ethnic Indian jewelry, tailor-made for me from India. As soon as I stumbled across this beautiful welded ring I knew I would have to upsize it to make a cuff & that is how I ended up with this product…Talk about a design process 🙂 ” 

-Sonia, 2021 FABcamp-er

“I’ve always been really passionate about a variety of different types of art. Designing this bracelet gave me the opportunity to explore a new form of art. I got the chance to draw and design a cuff and also explore hands-on forms of art similar to sculpture to create the bracelet. This was the first time I used different metals to create a piece of jewelry and it was an amazing and educational experience where I was introduced to a unique style of art. I’ve always wanted to design my own jewelry so having my dream come true was such a memorable and wonderful time for me.”

– Charlotte, 2021 FABcamp-er

“Today, at the age of 12, I got my first car: a burgundy Maserati, with copper & brass embellishments.  Building a custom piece of jewelry that I designed is a memory that will forever rivet into my heart.  This was also my first time using big tools like a drill press and grinder, so I definitely learned a lot.  I can’t thank Ms. Loxley and Mrs. Christi enough for this unique experience.”

-Anaya, 2021 FABcamp-er

FABcamp 2021

Our FABcamp students were given the opportunity to design a piece of jewelry – cuff bracelet, necklace or earrings. Of the 20 submissions, 3 were chosen to spend a day at the West LA studio of CRASH Jewelry to handcraft their designs.

The students participating were three designers – Anaya, Charlotte and Sonia. The team was assisted by Student Advisory Board Member – Akshaya – who ran the filming production for the day.

She’s got the original factory paint.