10-11 a.m PST

This is our one day of the month to gather, learn and laugh as a like-minded group of STEM-loving, transportation-designing, engineering-thinking, robot-creating, business-building girls!

Each month we focus on an Athenian character trait and discuss ways to practice and share that trait in our everyday occurrences. We also have a lot of squeals and laughter during our scavenger hunts, escape room, and game times, but hey, we’re serious 90% of the time… gotta let the funshine through!

Members are updated monthly with a plethora of fun activities, reading, discussions, contests and more via a private webpage. They also receive a monthly newsletter, occasional alerts (which means something great is being announced), participate in the group projects, and get points for various achievements.

Not a member yet? You can still join us! Girls in middle school and high school are welcome to register as a guest for our meeting! Come check out what we’re doing and if you want to compete and be more involved, you can. If you just want to hang out and enjoy the comradery, we love having guests!

What are the points on the leaderboard for? Well, we have a surprise in store for our members when we hold our awards ceremony at our conference in November. Even the SAB has no idea what the Directors are planning for them! Those who have worked hard toward the goal will be highlighted during the program and receive prizes.

Register today! Members are given preferential seating and are admitted from the waiting room before guests.

Valued at: $25
Cost: FREE!



11am – Noon PST

Do you plan to become a STEM-career, transportation-designing, engineering-thinking, robot-creating, business-building leader? Becoming well-versed in electronics will help you secure the position and salary of your dreams.

“In my conversations with employers, the need for Electrical Engineers is mentioned in every conversation. I suggest to all Athenians that they purse an EE degree as a major or minor concentration. Green energy is our future and having knowledge of how to engineer it will make you a valuable asset across many industry sectors.” – Ms. Loxley

We use the Snap Circuit kit that you can purchase from Amazon Smiles (choose Athena Racing as your charity of choice). You will need to purchase this kit yourself. This hands-on learning will electrify the fun as we build working models of snap circuits to create a Light Tunnel, Two Mirror circuit, Break the Beam and much, much more. We’ll build in 3-D using parts that allow us to build our circuits horizontally, vertically and upside down.

Register today and have your Snap Circuit kit ready! Members are given preferential seating and are admitted from the waiting room before guests.

Valued at: $25
Cost: FREE!