12th Grade, Future Engineer


STEM Career Pursuit:

Shayne is a dedicated high school student with a passion for engineering and experience in robotics, fabrication, and leadership. She has been involved in FIRST robotics for 8 years and has been Team Captain of her all girls-team as a junior and senior. She also mentors all-girls FIRST Lego League teams at various Carlsbad middle and elementary schools. Her junior year, she founded and led Carlsbad’s first Women in STEM Club, a SWENext chapter. 

For her robotics leadership, she was recognized as a Dean’s List Finalist in 2019, and her work in her community (totaling around 400 hours) earned her the SWENext Local Innovator Award this year. Some technical skills include Computer Aided Design, as she holds a SOLIDWORKS Certification for Mechanical Design, coding, robotics, and leadership. Through Athena Racing, as a member of the inaugural team, her skill sets have expanded to include graphic design, public speaking, and racing. Most recently, she also gained experience in fabrication, with power tools and constructing the drift trike, which has been her favorite project so far. She has also engineered an Arduino rube Goldberg machine, outside of assembling robots and tinkering with circuits in her Electronics class.

In the future, you can expect to see Shayne pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering, and getting involved with robotics, rocket, and SAE teams. Upon entering the working world, she would like to go into robotics, aerospace, or auto-motives. She is always looking for opportunities to advance her knowledge and future career, and thanks Athena Racing for not only setting her up for success, but also for opening her eyes to the automotive and Motorsport industries.




8th Grade, Future Doctor


STEM Career Pursuit:
Laksita is a very dedicated person, when she starts something she will complete it to the fullest, from watching a TV show to completing a long and tedious project. She is a very artistic person, as she loves taking nature and scenic photos, painting and more. Laksita has been in numerous STEM programs like BE WISE (Better Education for Women In Science and Engineering), Introduction to java (a 6-week course on the basics), GLIST ( a 2-week python class), YWIB ( Young Women In Bio), and 3D printing courses. When she was in 5th grade, she received a silver presidential award with President Trump’s signature. Laksita also got a scholarship to attend the Envision national youth leadership forum: Pathway to STEM.

Laksita is a very athletic person. She loves swimming and being in water, playing badminton, tennis, hockey and volleyball. Laksita is a very competitive person, she strives to win in anything she does. 

After high school, she intends to study medicine in Stanford university. Laksita would like to be a Cardiac surgeon because she has personally seen the suffering of heart diseases of her grandmother. She would like to support the people like her to come out of this pain. Laksita also feels that there is a sense of immediate pleasure in doing a successful surgery. 

Vice President





7th Grade, Future Architect


STEM Career Pursuit:

Izzy Sims is a creative young girl who likes to get dirty in the garage, but also likes to do interior design… like re-decorating her room every week based on her mood! She wants to be an Architect when she grows up and as an A+ student in middle school, she has time to discover her specialty.

Not one to stay inside, she gets outdoors at every possibility. Izzy has hiked Yosemite, Mt. Baldy, Mt. San Jacinto, and is hiking Mt. Whitney in October – the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States at 14,505 feet. She also does double black diamonds at Big Bear and pro-lines with a full suspension mountain bike, which she can do a wheelie on! Izzy also plays on a competitive soccer team, Encinitas Express. She also plays tennis with her dad for fun.

Her favorite role models are: Loxley Browne, Beyonce, Oprah, and Serena Williams.




10th Grade, Future Business Leader


STEM Career Pursuit:
With a keen interest in biology, Akshaya competed in science Olympiad during her time in middle school. She loves learning new things and enjoys doing art and playing music in her free time. Her interest in Biology led her to participate in a Scripps Research program this summer.

Akshaya is also currently learning Python and C, which has many benefits in the job paths that she is planning to pursue. She has won a $300 second place award from a Qualcomm Program called Ekal App-a-thon in which her team ‘made an app’ that could be used to help people who don’t have enough money to buy food.

She enjoys working as a team, and she wants to pursue a job in the business or biology field! She hopes that one day she can make a big impact on the world!






9th Grade, Future Engineer


STEM Career Pursuit:

Mihika has loved all things STEM since a young age. She’s been teaching herself about engineering and computer science since elementary school and is excited to learn more everyday. Her favorite STEM class is engineering and she loves working on various robotics projects. Mihika is on a FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Team whose robot has won many awards. She has also received a few awards for math competitions. When she isn’t busy with her robotics team, she loves to work on small projects using Arduino. 

Mihika plans to take many STEM classes through high school. She then plans to attend college and major in either computer science or engineering. 




7th Grade, Future Engineer & Designer


STEM Career Pursuit:

Ocean has a creative mind for engineering as well as the arts. By the time she completed elementary school she had acted in 7 plays, won 3rd place in the science fair, and was captain of her volleyball team. She always loves to build things with her awesome mom and go exploring with her adventurous sister.

She loves to experiment with nature and make machines that can do cool tricks. In school she did a science fair on the human brain. She used colors and shapes to see what kids and adults would react to which won her 3rd place. She does experiments with her family and in her free time she makes awesome machines that will make her mom laugh. She made a mini car wash machine that can wash mini cars.

She participates in soccer, volleyball, science club, math club, performing arts, and STEAM class. She got the highest GPA in 3rd,4th,5th, and now 6th grade. She gets straight A’s each year and loves doing extra activities at her school. She is just starting 7th grade and is in 8th grade math. Math is her favorite subject and she is really good at math. She has to set a high standard for herself because her sister just graduated with a mechanical engineering degree at SDSU. Ocean wants to be just like her sister because her sister was always a good role model for her, so Ocean plans to lead by example and be a good role model for girls everywhere.

Ocean stands for Optimistic, Curious, Energetic, Astute, and Nice. That’s Ocean!





8th Grade, Future Architect


STEM Career Pursuit:

Alyna was born in Japan and moved to America when she was five. She started ballet at the age of three, since then, thrives by using her vivid imagination – sometimes  through dance. Along with dancing, her creative side comes through by way of designing and drawing buildings. As a kid, her exposure to cars was through her Father and Grandfather. While she’d help them complete their tasks, she never had a solid interest in cars. That was until Athena Racing became a part of her life. Since Athena Racing, Alyna is now excited to learn the inner workings of cars and be around her Dad while he’s working. As far as experience in camps and STEM, FABcamp wasn’t her first. She participated in the Balboa Fleet Camp, which has a primary focus on the sciences. Non-competitive in nature, her awards and accomplishments are from the arts and music. As a young girl, she played (and still does) a lot of violin – and after a lot of practice, finally earned first place after having earned second and third.

In the future, Alyna sees herself as an architect and a café owner (one that she designed herself, of course). She’s also incredibly excited to continue being an Athenian.




6th Grade, Future Doctor


STEM Career Pursuit:

Anaya is an eleven-year-old who is passionate with enthusiasm to learn new things and participate wherever and whenever she can. She enjoys crafting and doing creative activities such as, building with legos and has been in Jr. FLL since she was six. In 2018, she joined her classmates and built/programmed a lego robot for FLL’s “Into Orbit” competition. 

Anaya also enjoys doing several extracurricular activities. Her passion for learning has allowed her to practice Indian classical dance and music for several years now. She has also been swimming since she was an infant and is part of a swim team since 2018. Last year, Anaya decided to try something new and help people, so she joined the Miss Poway Scholarship Pageant. Through this program she was able to put a smile on the faces of many local people by volunteering at numerous events.

This year, Anaya graduated fifth grade. She also received many awards like: Principal’s List Award, President’s Award for Academic Achievement, President’s Award for Academic Excellence, and Honor Roll. Being a strong leader, she took on any leadership opportunity available in her school and was honored for performing school service.

In the future, she intends on successfully completing middle and high school. Anaya hopes to graduate from Stanford University with a major in biology and chemistry to become a Pediatrician. Even though she aspires to become a health care professional, her love for all-things STEM and robotics runs deep. With her powerful energy and character Anaya hopes to help people, give to the world, and live life to the fullest.



9th Grade, Future Engineer


STEM Career Pursuit:

Just entering high school, Audrey already knew she had a love of math and science, as she had a love for formulas and equations. However, in her free time, she loved playing basketball and piano in order to keep her busy fingers working, when she wasn’t at work on a new building project. In 3rd grade, Audrey and her team won an award from ExploraVision by thinking of an app that will prevent future kidnappings.

In the future, Audrey would love to either become a bioengineer to help people by building or a mechanic in order to pursue her new passion of cars and racing.

Attending multiple camps over the years, Audrey has built many robots that can move based on what she codes or programs, and hopes to use her knowledge to help future generations.




11th Grade, Future Engineer


STEM Career Pursuit: 

As someone who grew up loving art and spending time outdoors, Heleina is always curious about combining the beauty of nature into everyday life. She enjoys taking nature hikes and has developed a love for running on her school’s cross country team. In her free time, she can be found reading all kinds of books, sketching and painting scenery, and practicing piano and guitar. 

She is a member of the National Art Honors Society, her school’s ecology club, and currently a participant in the Leadership Greater Hartford program where she learns about public speaking and taking on leadership roles. Heleina also is interested in giving back to her community, and has recently achieved the honor of being selected for a competitive volunteer position at Hartford Hospital. 

Still considering her career options, she is looking to be able to help others make an impact- one of her possible career paths may be one where she could work with renewable resources in manufacturing, transportation, or motorsports as an environmental engineer. 



11th Grade, Future Designer


STEM Career Pursuit:

Megan loves everything about art; in middle school, she began branching out and displaying her artwork. From that point on, things only got better. In 2019, she won the teen art award at a Chalk Festival in New Haven, CT. Other pieces of her artwork were displayed in stores and restaurants, she was offered multiple positions to be in art shows and join other clubs. She even started planning out a new club for the 2021 school year. This year she was elected to join the National Art Honors Society as an underclassman (which is huge since only upperclassmen were in it). In the group, they painted a mural for the school. She joined many clubs: photography, engineering, student council, and a movie club. For her ecology club, she contributed by creating t-shirt designs and making stickers to help raise money.

She joined a program with Amazon to build projects each month. She completed twelve large projects. One of her favorite projects was a circuit project. Where assembling all of the cables and pieces had an effect to get the exact sound or color the board made. She also joined other robotic camps and classes throughout the year, learning what outlets to use all the way to understanding Python, the computer program. One year for her friend’s birthday, she made her an Eiffel tower out of the 3D pen by thinking, making and using her creative skills to make it possible. 

After high school, Megan plans on pursuing her art career and majoring in art. She plans to look for a career in graphic design, where she can also apply her fabrication skills which shall be valued and used for her great techniques and skills.




7th Grade, Future Engineer, Doctor or Lawyer


STEM Career Pursuit:


With a curious and active mind to innovate, Tanisi has been building, painting, and creating since the age of 5! She has won various awards including music, dancing, building, crafting, and an International Taekwondo award! She has also participated in various math and science challenges! 

Her years of experience in the Indian classical dance of Bharatnatyam and the fierce form of Martial Arts, Taekwondo, has given her the extra credits she’s always wanted for college!

Following high school, she wants to learn and become a doctor in the medical field, become an engineer, or study the subject of law! She knows she can make an impact in the world, and she is always striving to do so!!!