Are you interested in working at the internship of your dreams? Building out your high school resume so that you can compete for the right college and scholarship? Career development doesn’t come naturally – you have to train, refine your skills, hone your strengths, and persevere through the ups and downs. Our team of experts will help you focus on “future you” with the steps you need to get to the dream career path that you are seeking. You may be young, yet with your defined purpose you will outshine your competition regardless of age.

Camp FAQs

What importance does thinking about career development at a young age play in a student’s life?

I think it is always important to have a goal in mind of where you want to be in the future. If you don’t have a goal to aim towards, you’ll never get there. You are going to have the opportunity to hear from STEM role models of how their careers developed along their journey. You’re going to recognize a recurring theme that most knew exactly which direction they wanted to go. That gave them the opportunity to focus on making the right connections. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to stay on that one career path. Because of that it’s important to know a lot of skills, and many skills are transferable across a multitude of sectors.


Why should high school students have a linked in profile?

A LinkedIn profile is your business connection to the world. For those who know the path that they want to take in their career it provides the opportunity to network with adults, mentors, and STEM role models who will help. A LinkedIn profile, similar to our Student Advisory Board using Basecamp for project management, is a strictly professional platform. You need to treat both in a very professional manner. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to highlight your specialties and skills so that you stand out above the rest.


How do you find yourself as a person and an unearth your skills and strength?

I think at your age, as a young curious human, you’re in the lucky position as being able to explore different things to fail and to persevere. You’re never going to appreciate what you have if you always win and never fail. You have to push yourself past your comfort zone. It’s much easier to do that as a teenager than as an adult. Right now at your age you don’t have the same responsibilities and financial concerns that adults do, you have the support of your parents which gives you the chance to really explore, play and have fun.

There are also a variety of different test that you can take to help you determine what are your strengths are. The Strengthsfinder and Myers-Briggs are my two favorites.

You should always maintain a sense of curiosity about everything! Take extra classes, even in areas that you wouldn’t dare – a soccer player could benefit from ballet classes, playing an instrument is going to wire your neuropathways in your brain differently, shop classes will assist the engineer in knowing the mechanics and framework better – in this discovery you may come across something you would’ve never expected to enjoy and fall absolutely in love with it.


Why is it so important to study something you’re passionate about?

 It’s important to have fun, excitement, passion in your life. Summer camp is much like going to college. You are getting to pick what you want to do instead of being in school where they tell you what you have to learn. This is your time to make the choice and have fun learning new things.


How did you develop your career from high school until now?

My career path is not a typical career path. I am lucky to have multiple talents and enjoy doing multiple things in the business world. Because of that I was able to transition from design to the business world to the start-up world and now be the founder of an incredible STEM education program. My career was like climbing a ladder – every step was necessary to build my knowledge base to what I have now. If I would’ve taken an easier path, I would not have the large amount of skills that I have now. Because I chose to work for small companies as compared to a large corporation, I took on more responsibilities, more tasks, and was able to learn more.

Everyone’s career path is different. It is important for you to learn and do what is best for you. Never compare yourself to someone else and think that you were a failure or that you’re better. Success is shown in merrit and having a stellar reputation.


What should you do if you don’t know where to start when you are developing your career?

At your age you should volunteer to help and work anywhere that piques your curiosity. Non-paid internships are the best way to learn from a mentor who is willing to give of their time. I have always said yes to helping and learning new skills. Even when it meant that I didn’t get paid. I was still learning something that I would have never experienced otherwise which gave me a broader skill-base and made me more valuable to employers.


How does your resume set the tone for which colleges you get accepted into?

Your resume is your description of what you have accomplished in your life. This gives the college the opportunity to make certain that your outlook and approach is similar to theirs. This is very much like choosing a company that has the same values and culture that you set forth in your life.


Why did you create a career development camp?

 I think it is important that we groom you for your first job or internship. I want you to walk into that situation with complete confidence that you can do what is asked of you. When you have confidence in yourself, you are capable of moving mountains.


Are there any guidelines for choosing a suitable career for yourself?

I would be a millionaire right now if I had the answer to this question! The best advice that I can give anyone is to do a yearly check – list your pros, your cons, your abilities, and your dreams. When you are keep those items in check you will be able to create the career path of your choosing.


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