“My passion is to focus on engineering mechanical systems, whether that’s within cars, rovers or the next spaceship. After high school, I plan to attend a four year university and get my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Mechatronics (Robotics) and potentially a masters degree. At that point I will join the workforce as a Robotics or Mechanical Engineer, allowing me to work in the robotics, automation, aerospace or automotive fields. “


High School Junior

Nickname: Roadrunner

Favorite STEM Subject: Physics II Electronics

Career Goal: Mechanical and Robotics Engineer in Automation, Robotics, Aerospace or Automotive sectors

Advisory Board Mentor: John Hayes

POINTS: 1542


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My favorite STEM subject is physics, because I love the real-life application that I can see around me every day. I have always been fascinated with how things work and combined with an amazing physics teacher, I completely love the topic. I enjoyed learning about centripetal acceleration last year, and once when I was driving through San Diego, my mom commented about the slanted roads on turns. I remember excitedly bursting with the physics of the roads and how the slant aids that centripetal force, to keep the vehicle moving through the curve. I love physics so much that I decided to take three years of it in high school as my elective! Now I am in Physics 2- Electronics, where I get to build circuits and experiment every day!

Not only will my time on the team give me the hands-on experience I need to succeed in the field of engineering, but it will also provide an outlet to enhance my technical and mechanical skills. With a vested interest in the field of engineering as my foundation, I have struggled to find other programs that provide hands-on mechanical experience in order to make the jump into the workforce. This program provides the perfect blend of education, practical experience with building an engine, the science behind driving and other life-skills that cannot be found in a typical high school internship. The program will build my skills in public speaking to an entirely different level, allow me to experience the thrill of racing, and actually experience the automotive and mechanics industry. This program is my dream job and will accelerate my path of learning and experience within the field of mechanical engineering.



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Athena Racing is a STEM Education extracurricular program for young ladies in high school and gap year who are pursuing careers in the Automotive, Motorsports and Transporation industries.