DRIVE change

Coin Up is an industry leader in helping everyday microtransactions make a macro impact in people’s lives. Best of all, your completely tax-deductible gift makes an invaluable contribution to our young ladies’ lives by doing what you were already doing. No extra effort required. How about that?


 It’s simple to donate. Your data is protected. And, when you give through Coin Up, your charity spends more time doing good, and less time raising money. How sweet is that?

 If that all feels a bit too easy, that’s because it is!  Just go to the Athena Racing page on the Coin Up website, link your debit/credit card and set a monthly cap. Your everyday pit stops including restaurants, dry cleaning, gas and more will be rounded up to the next dollar and sent to support Athena Racing.  You can also join the Pit Crew by making a fixed monthly donation instead!

Coin Up now and start spending today… might we also suggest an Athena Racing t-shirt?