zach sharpell





Zach Sharpell is a mechanical engineer at Qualcomm specializing in designing assemblies to test the processors used for autonomous driving and in-vehicle infotainment. Previously, he created a startup company centered around the design of battery packs for electric bikes, drones, and small electric vehicles. He has since also advised multiple others in industries such as travel, entertainment, and app- based machine learning.

Getting him to this point, Zach attended a 4-year university and earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration (aka specialization) in mechatronics, which is the combination of electronics and mechanics.

In his free time he enjoys volunteering for a variety of STEM related initiatives including FIRST Robotics Competition judging, mentoring through many local nonprofits (including Athena Racing!!), and helping other people reach their dreams regardless of how crazy the idea is. Zach has pitched to investors all over the world, met with members of Parliament to discuss technological innovation in various sectors, drafted a myriad of business plans & BMCs, and wants to share the excitement of startups and his experience in STEM with all who are ready to take their future to the next level.