“Our daughter will build confidence, strength, strategy and skill that help her find a hero in herself and be encouraged to become a future leader."

— Surabhi's mother, 2020 & 2021 FABcamp student

“How well they presented their projects and the depth in which they went to explain their creative process not only in representing the brands, but also the personal meaning and message the students were putting across”

— Mike Le Gallic, Chip Ganassi Racing

"Loxley is amazing to be doing all this for these young women and I am so honored to be a small part of helping share and expand their ideas about what possibilities await them in life..."

- Tegan Hammond

"FABcamp gives her exposure to technology, particularly automobiles which is used in our daily lives

— Tanisi's mother, FABcamp 2020 + 2021

"Getting to learn about the real world is helping me build my future in it! "

— Tanisi, Student Advisory Board

"Haley loves to tackle new challenges and immerses herself in technical projects. Athena Racing offers unique opportunities to expand Haley’s mechanical engineering experience. I think she will be a valuable asset to the team."

— Haley's mother, 2020 FABcamp Parent

“I have been able to grow as a confident speaker and meet many amazing leaders!”

— Akshaya, Student Advisory Board President 2022-23

"I have become more confident and better prepared for the future!"

— Mihika, Student Advisory Board

“I feel confident and supported by such an amazing group of strong individuals within Athena Racing!”

— Heleina, Student Advisory Board President 2021-22

“FABcamp allows her to learn more about the STEM field and more career paths as she heads toward college, but it keeps her busy and interested daily!”

— Megan's mother, 2020 FABcamp Parent

Membership has its benefits!


Here is why YOU should join us:


We get to go behind-the-scenes and participate in events of which most only dream


Our events are for members-only and feature famous and pioneering leaders


A monthly Challenge and the quarterly Competition happens each month along with FABcamp in the summer


Unlimited access to Discovery Zone courses


Train to become a Club Athena spokeswoman for media interviews and events

Are you ready to  explore and discover your purpose and talents that will catapult you to success?

Member Activities

With so many opportunities, you are certain to find an activity that fits your purpose.

Go to Club Athena to get the latest updates and news. Our VIP experiences are published only at Club Athena and shared with the public after the event is held.


Land + Sea + Air transportation is the theme of virtual FABcamp 2023. Your fabrication project is converting your bike to electric. This is a do-not-miss opportunity, our speakers are out of this world!



Our monthly challenges are resume builders. Learn while producing items that will be used in real life. Show your future college or employer what has been put to use!


Spokeswoman Training

A 30-day intensive that truly prepares you for public speaking and the responsibilities of representing a brand.


Discovery Zone

From learning about tools to exploring different careers, we have a vaiety of topics to choose from  that will help you grow.


Each quarter we spend three months behind-the-scenes exploring careers at a company that provides transportation on Land, Sea & Air. You’ll compete for points with the top winners gathering in-person at the company to meet the speakers and compete in fun Mr. Beast-like challenges.


Join us on Club Athena for our bi-weekly condundrums. We pose a confusing or difficult problem and work together as a team to look at it from all viewpoints to find an answer.

Life Lessons with Loxley

Join Loxley and a special guest at Club Athena’s monthly broadcast as we talk over the important topics of life.


Learn how to broadcast and join our team as we explore the stories of STEM Role Models on “Drive to Success” and “In the Fast Lane.”


Spokeswomen Assignments

The biggest fear in the world is not spiders, it’s public speaking! We demystify those fears and provide working experiences that pave the way to success.

Those who want to represent Athena Racing, be involved with our media outreach and interviews, and apply for our two highly competitive in-person summer camps are required to undertake this training.

Being our spokeswoman opens doors to once-in-a-lifetime experiences and this year we have incredible opportunities for our exclusive membership of STEM superstars! Learn how to properly represent a brand and be comfortable speaking in public. It’s your first step to becoming a Super Athenian!

Our FABcamp Builds

Opps, we did it again! For four summers in a row we have FABricated something that is truly FABulous! During the 2020 lockdown it was a drifting tike, in 2021 we went from concept to working prototype in 40 days to present at a European International Pitch Competition and be the investor’s favorite, in 2022 we converted a BMW 318 convertible (Simmie) into a driving sim, in 2023 we are converting bicycles into e-bikes!

Our members, 11 to 18 years old, now get to experience the real-world touch of driving a real car for the first time without the safety hazards and terrifying struggle of a public street with Simmie. Those who choose to build an e-bike in 2023 will have an incredible project to showcase in interviews and college essays!

Enhancing Your Resume

Our members are given opportunities that most only dream of… including adults! It’s that insatiable thirst for knowledge that opens the doors to the behind-the-scenes views of how things work.

Enhance your high school resume by doing the extraordinary. Write college essays that will have them clamoring for an interview. Be the ONE who has the charisma, the grades, and the experience.

The only thing that is stopping you is you. Club Athena provides that something special that WILL get you noticed!


I started my journey as an Athenian over 2 years ago and have never been happier.

I was given the opportunity to be the lead for the 2023 FABcamp build project. We created a driving simulator! I never thought I would get the experience of building a driving simulator, but again, at Club Athena I learn new skills and create amazing memories.

Akshaya, Club Athena Student President


Membership has its benefits… for those who do the work!

Becoming a Super Athenian is not an easy feat. Our award-winning STEM education club, is recruiting top talent for our program!

Are you in?

How do I become a member?

We accept membership applications on a continuous basis.

If approved, we will onboard you to our private members-only online club on the 5th of each month.

There currently is no fee to apply.

If our membership is at capacity, you will be added to the wait list.

Membership registration lasts until you graduate high school or become inactive. You must be a member in order to register for all Club Athena events.

If you are serious about a STEM career, this is the club to join!

What is the time commitment for members?

Every member is required to do one activity a month to remain an active member.

The activity chosen can range from one hour spent on a course or attending “Life Lessons with Loxley” up to the 30+ hours that you receive with the Spokeswoman Training

It all depends upon the devotion and involvement of each individual. As our members say, “you get out of it what you put into it.”

Is there a cost?

Yes, you can choose the $100 monthly fee or save money with the annual membership fee of $1,000.

Some activities have additional fees associated with them.

Travel and lodging is not included for in-person events.

What age are the members?

Our membership ranges from 11-18 years old. A high maturity level is needed as the content is purposely delivered at a higher level to prepare them for their future. Information and emails are sent directly to the members. It is each member’s responsibility to pass information along to parents/guardians and schedule items on their family’s calendar. We believe putting the responsibility on the member better prepares them for college, career, and life in general.

Is membership permanent?

NO. If you chose not to do the work and become inactive, you will be replaced by someone who does want the benefits provided by our program.

If you are removed from the program and reapply, you will go to the bottom of the waitlist.

When you graduate from high school and are in good standing with Athena Racing, you will automatically become an alumni member for life.

Are there scholarships for membership?

No, each member is responsible for their monthly membership fee of $100 or annual membership fee of $1,000 (a savings of $200). Membership fees are non-refundable.

Does being a club member help with college applications?

The extra-curricular activities you participate in show universities who you are as a person and if you will be a good fit for their program. The dedication required to complete our programs, as well as the leadership and life skills that will become a part of your character, all speak volumes as to who you are. The lasting impact of the STEM education provided through real life experiences will give you a platform from which to highlight your capabilities that will be unmatched by your peers.

Do I have to be interested in mechanics or racing to join Club Athena?

No! Our goal is to expose our members to ALL of the career paths that are available! It isn’t even necessary to have a driver’s license! Although with DRIVE we are teaching the fundamentals of driving on a racing sim to better improve performance and safety on the street.

At Club Athena, our team believes in getting our hands dirty! You won’t realize what you love, like, or never-want-to-do-again until you try it. Our founder grew up learning how to do a variety of jobs in construction from driving a bulldozer to building her first house while she was in college. Because of that hands-on experience, she had better ideas based on real-life experience as to what would and would not work when designing and innovating new products.

What Education Tracks (curriculum) do you teach?

  • Driving
  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Etiquette
  • Fabrication
  • Internship
  • Mechanics
  • Marketing
  • Personal Finance
  • Photography
  • Public Speaking
  • Robotics
  • Safety
  • Wellness

Why is this GIRLS-only?

You must be a female (XX chromosome) student in middle school or high school to be a member of Club Athena. Why you ask? Girls and boys learn differently and have different needs. This is a female-only STEM education program supporting female students in career paths that have been historically dominated by men. In the male-dominated automotive, motorsport and transportation sectors where women only represent .06% to 17%, our nonprofit supports the #GirlsinSTEM who are venturing into career paths where there is no or little female representation.

However, the Discovery Zone is open and available to the public – regardless of gender or age.

And yes, #GirlDads, we would love to see you wearing Club Athena merchandise to show your support of our club and what your daughter is achieving here.

Club Athena vs. the Others

Boys & Girls Club: 162 years old, founded in 1860

Girls Inc: 158 years old, founded in 1864

Girl Scouts: 110 years old, founded in 1912

Society of Engineers: 72 years old, founded in 1950

Athena Racing: 3 years old, founded in 2019

Club Athena at Athena Racing: 3 months old, started Summer 2022

Coming in 2023

This fall has SO many fun events and experiences! We’re writing a book, filming a commercial, launching a 3-month competition, interviewing industry leaders, and planning our study abroad program for 2024. Don’t miss out on the fun! Join us in the Clubhouse to learn more!

Apply for Membership

Membership in Club Athena is for those who are ready to take on their future! As a member of this prestigious group, you are presented with opportunities of which most only dream. The application fee is waived for the summer and  Applications are being accepted now!