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A Track Day Experience

Once you experience a day at the track your love for the performance driving grows! While Athena Racing is focused on exposing young girls to all of the opportunities in the automotive world, providing a chance for adults to cross off a bucket list item is just as important. Whether your mode of transportation is a go-kart or a car, the permanent grin that radiates from within after laps on a track is priceless.

Those who came out to support us for our “Get Out & Drive” Track Day Fundraiser were there for a variety of reasons – some were there for performance driving, some for testing, some for the experience of driving on a track for the first time – for all, a way to better understand their vehicle which translates into better driving on the road.

To understand the allure of the event, start with sunrise. For some that moment was an hour into their drive to the racetrack, for others it was waking up in the cool, crispness of the desert air. Guests were arriving from San Diego, Santa Barbara, Orange County, Los Angeles, and a few had chosen to bunk at the CVR Ranch. An evening around the campfire the night before had everyone shouting morning hellos to newly made friends. The sun was peeking over the edge of the horizon, and we had the track to ourselves! The weather was perfect! The day was going to be spectacular!

The importance of this day – to raise funding to support our programs – was displayed through the community of strangers who quickly became friends. All understanding the importance and need for programming to support girls who want to be involved with the future of transportation.

Funds generated from this event are going to our spring and summer programming – four six-week workshops and three intensive summer camps. Programming that is offered free to girls who are in middle school and high school. These like-minded, STEM-loving girls connect online through Club Athena from all regions of the USA. Because our team saw the need, we increased programming 500% in 2021 despite the negative impact of COVID on donations. Our fun methods of learning and exploring have kept the girls engaged, happy and wanting to do more – in a time when so many are experiencing isolation and loneliness.

The sun was shining as Micky began the track talk, pointing out the obvious with a sense of humor that got the point across. Then the master, the one who had designed and created this track, took us out for a lead-follow. Track day had begun!

There were twenty drivers with an assortment of vehicles – Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Ford, Chevy, a Radical and a F150. With this exclusive and small group, the track was open all day allowing everyone to feel as though they were the only car on the track.

The day had many seeing stars! To the amazement of all, we were joined by automotive designer Chip Foose, aspiring astronaut Sabrina Reyes, and land speed record holder and Hollywood stunt car driver Tegan Hammond. In a low-key manner, all guests had the chance to spend time with each other in a leisurely atmosphere while feasting on a mouth-watering lunch.