At Thermal, we had a race right at our fingertips. Being a private club, the viewing area for the track is so close you feel as though you are a part of it all.

It was incredible to be so up close and personal with the cars while they were driving, especially after talking to some of the teams before they went out onto the track. 

After the race, we watched the awards ceremony and got to talk to some amazing people. Important racing tips were shared with us by some of the drivers and teams. Which just shows you how important connections are!

The only word that could even come close to describing how great that day was would be to say it was perfect.

Photographs and descriptions by Adeline Slocum

Being surrounded by miles of track, car enthusiasts, alongside my teammates, was truly the best experience I’ve had.”




Team Member & Spokeswoman

Adeline is a high school junior who is on the fast track into the automotive and motorsports world. While she dreams of creating the next form of transportation, she is getting hands-on experience driving, wrenching and fabricating as a member of the inaugural Athena Racing team. Her goal is set on Carnegie Melon and gaining expertise in mechanical engineering and robotics so that she can lead teams into the future in the automotive and aerospace sectors.