Adults with fun, fast cars – join us for a day of exciting on-track fun at the track. A 2.68 mile road course with 17 turns and both front and back straights for some high speed driving. The course is easy to learn quickly, but technical enough to challenge the best.

We will have three run groups each hour to accommodate every experience level from Novice to Expert.


Track Days provide an environment for drivers who simply want to increase the enjoyment of driving their vehicle. All it takes to be a part is: your safe street or track car, a valid driver’s license, and an approved helmet.


Coming together with track time, lunch, conversations with racing legends, and socially distanced fun to raise funds for the STEM education program, Athena Racing.

Open track

Continental breakfast in the paddock

Gourmet lunch in the paddock

Conversations with Athena Racing Board Members & Student President

Celebrity TV personality - Chip Foose

Swag bag filled with useful items

Did you compute that yet? More than five hours on the track!

All for a donation of $500 per driver

Please do bring a guest! The guest will not be allowed on the track, but will be able to experience the fun of the paddock and festivities. Each guest is an extra $75 donation. No spectators are allowed, this is a private event.

Would you rather wake up at or near the track the morning of our event? Did you know that you can rent a cabin at the track? Visit the CVR Ranch to reserve yours now! There are only 40 cabins available, so book yours quickly. We are also working with the local casino hotel to block off special rate rooms for our participants.


The number of drivers allowed to participate is limited to the first 60 drivers who register by donating $500 or more.

This will allow for 5 on-track sessions for each group ensuring plently of safe driving time for all participants.

A guest is allowed for an extra $75 donation.

The bonus….. your donation is tax-deductible up to the full legal limit.

Download the map and study the course prior to track day.

There are rules. Simple and easy, yet necessary to make our day run smoothly.

You will need to complete a self tech inspection on your car prior to track day.

Would you like to stay at the track? Cabins are available for rent. Come out one day early and or stay over the day of the event. 

Track day will happen – rain or shine. Thank you for making your donation and joining us for a fun day! 

Each driver requires a minimum donation of $500. Please donate more if you can.

Guests are allowed and require an extra $75 donation. Guests will not be allowed on the track.

Drivers are allowed to bring mulitple cars as you will have 5 sessions on the track. If you have a large collection, you can bring up to 5 cars and take each out for one session on the track. Guests are not allowed to drive on the track.

We will have helmets that you can rent for the day. It will require wearing a headsock and it will mess up your hair, but we have the remedy for you! Your swag bag will contain an Athena Racing ballcap!

NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED. This is a private event.


8:00     Registration

8:30     Track Talk with Micky Granna – required by all drivers

9:00     Session One

10:00   Session Two

11:00    Session Three

12:00    Lunch

1:30      Session Four

2:30      Session Five


You will be able to walk the track if you register at 8 am and can walk 2.68 miles in time to return for the 9 am track talk.

Times listed are dependent upon a safe event with no interruptions. Session times are flexible and may move slightly due to Murphy’s Law.


Read about others experiences at Chuckwalla.

Cali Photography will have a photographer at our event. After completing registration, check in with the on-site photographer to order the picture package that best fits your needs.

Fuel is available at the track:

91 ($5.759/gal.)
95.5 ($8.999/gal)
101 ($9.999/gal.)
110 – Leaded ($9.999/gal.) 

There is a $10 per person fee to enter Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. 

Dry camping is allowed in the paddock and there are RV hookups available. Please contact the office at CVR to reserve your space.

40 cabins are available for rent at CVR. Book yours now.

Transporters are welcomed in the paddock for those wishing to bringing multiple cars.

There is a private airport at CVR for those wishing to fly in that morning for the track day.

NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED. This is a private event. 


This is an outdoor event where everyone will be socially distanced.

The only indoor areas are the restrooms. They are monitored and cleaned hourly. There will be a station in each restroom with disinfectant spray and wipes.

There will be stations in on pit row with wipes, gloves and masks.

The Drivers Meeting will be held under the big top tent with appropriate social distancing. 

Meals will be held under the big top tent with appropriate social distancing. 

This is the cleanest, well-maintained race track in Southern California known for it’s safety.

There is an ambulance and EMTs on standby at the track for emergencies.

NO SPECTATORS WILL BE ALLOWED. This is a private event.