The Athena Racing team applicants took over the Carlsbad K1 Speed for a full day of racing, interviews and team photos. Throughout the day of the young ladies proving their skill and impressing the judges, a group of Grossmont High School and Santana High School volunteer photographers and videographers captured some of the applicants best moments. The whole event was a collective effort between the applicants, a panel of judges, supporters who rolled up in their collector cars and the incredible help from the K1 Speed staff.
The young ladies also brought along their parental support team who were just as excited as the applicants about the program, Athena Racing Executive Director Loxley Browne said. “I heard from each parent that their daughter announced to them that she wanted to tryout for the team. No pressure, guidance or influence from them. That is a determined young lady who has found her passion when she has the verve to do it all herself (with her parent’s permission),” Browne said. The judges Hannah Grisham and Dani Phan said they had a great time meeting the group of applicants and are looking forward to seeing what the Athena Racing team does in the near future.

“I had a great time getting to meet all of the girls yesterday. It’s so nice to see so many young women interested in STEM and Motorsports,” Grisham said.

Even after a long day of tryouts and proving their skill, the young aspiring female racers had great things to say about the event.

“Getting to meet all these amazing people that put this program together was truly great. I got to meet actual professional female drivers, the founders of this program and other girls with the same passion as me, which truly inspired me. Everyone has such passion for this sport and after meeting them I immediately knew this was where I belonged,” Athena Racing applicant Marissa said.


“To finish first, you must first finish.”

-Juan Manuel Fangio

Cydney Melton

Cydney Melton

News & Media Assistant

Cydney Melton is a fourth year journalism major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, but is originally from Cardiff, California. Although she has not spent much time around race cars, she has spent a lot of time riding motorcycles in the desert, on the back of her dad’s Harley and just recently got her own motorcycle license. Cydney is a big advocate for women empowerment and encouraging women in male-dominated industries. She will be working as the News and Media Assistant, highlighting the progress and power of the Athena women as they claim their spot in the racing world.