In our fast-paced world, it is nice to take time to slow down and reflect. The holiday season allows us that opportunity if you take it. It starts with your time to give thanks, allows time to connect with your community (family, friends, neighbors, colleagues), time to focus on faith and belief, and ends with a time for celebration.

As I lead our team towards the victory line, I give thanks. Dave Stall and Dean Case have helped us make incredible progress in a very short time by connecting us to industry experts and potential sponsors. Our Directors, Erika Wright and Hannah Grisham, have helped to guide and develop our organization. Our Advisors, Jeni Swanson, Les Werling, and Mike Miller have assisted to grow our capabilities. 

I am always thankful for the support our team receives but even more so at this point. Now that we have a working team I am more devoted to our success than I ever could have imagined. Each team member is unique, brings different strengths, outlooks, life experiences and dreams. That is what makes them so strong as a unit. Being able to provide the stability, knowledge, and mentorship that they need in their lives at this pivotal moment of growth from a teenager into a young adult will change their lives for the better.

Do you remember the adults and mentors who guided you down your path when you were a teenager? Give thanks to them today. Without them and their guidance, you would not be what you are. That is the reason why I founded Athena Racing. The key element that is missing in the lives of teenage girls are the mentors and advisors, aside from their parents, who can see their outstanding abilities and help them develop into wonderful humans who are on their true path.

Over this next week as you are bombarded with Giving Tuesday requests, think of Athena Racing and give. As a nonprofit, our program relies upon the financial contributions of our community.

Share our newsletter and website with those whom you know have a passion for STEM education, empowering young girls to shatter the biases, and supporting girls to choose career paths in science, technology, engineering and math where so few women are employed. Without your help, the change will not come about.

Loxley Browne
President, Board of Directors

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Racing is a matter of spirit not strength.”

-Janice Guthrie