Tegan Hammond

Professional Stunt Driver

I drive professionally for commercials, tv, social media spots and films.


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Stunt Driver

In a Nutshell

I drive professionally for commercials, tv, social media spots and films.


Tegan’s driving career began at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2011 where she currently holds two land-speed records—302 mph & 294 mph. Her first time in the drivers seat where she set a 294 mph record was captured and featured in a Canadian Discovery Channel episode which gave her experience with the production process, interviews and being on-camera while balancing the steep learning curve of being a first time driver successful in achieving a record. She has also earned a win in the Vintage Sprint circuit at Santa Maria Raceway in only her second time in the drivers seat while competing against a field of all male seasoned vintage racers.

In 2014, she was invited just for fun by some friends that knew of her racing background, to a level one stunt driving course where she fell in love again with an entirely new form of driving.

Her decision to buy an old car and start training for stunt driving came next. She has since been a driving double for Heidi Klum, Chelsea Wendroff, Perdita Weeks, Jordana Brewster & Tasya Teles, and in 2018 was chosen by Ferrari to be the first female driver to appear in any of Ferrari’s promotional work. The short commercial—shot mostly through Big Sur featuring the 2019 488 Pista Spider—was revealed at Ferrari’s pavilion at the Paris Motor Show in 2018. Her most recent work for the finale of season 2 Magnum PI Reboot, was a chase sequence shot entirely driving Magnum’s red 488 Ferrari in reverse.

Tegan’s dream is to be a well respected and highly sought after professional female stunt driver for commercials and films, and to create a life where her passion for driving coexists with her deep love of nature, people & culture, food & travel. She currently trains with a 1998 BMW M3.

Why I Got Into a Career in Motorsports

Its a mix of DNA and being raised in my dad’s shop, learning to weld at 10 and having had the opportunities to realize the skill and passion I had combined with having mentors advice at just the right times.

Favorite Car(s)

Depends on what I’m doing! No street car can keep up in the dirt and vice versa.

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