Athena Racing received a variety of applications from young women who want to join the inaugural, all-female Athena Racing team.

On the application, the young ladies were asked to discuss their skillsets, what is takes to be a great driver, and their overall interest in the automotive and motorsports industry. The applicants were also asked which Athenian characteristic best suits them and how this program could contribute to their future.

For applicant Adeline, “strategy” is the Athenian characteristic that resonates with her most.

“Strategies are also amazing for learning and development. When doing anything or when I have a goal, I always use some sort of strategy. Even if I don’t realize I’m doing it, I find myself looking back and realizing that I used strategies to get where I am today,” Adeline said

For Rosy, strength was the Athenian quality that resonated within her. “When I was younger and would watch cartoons or movies of superheroes saving the day, I was amazed at how strong they were. I thought strength was someone who had big muscles and could lift heavy things. I only knew physical strength. When I became a teenager and I had to learn to be independent and responsible, I realized that being my own person meant I had to be strong mentally. Having the courage to do something that scares or hurts you is a way of being strong.”

The male-dominates aspect of racing piqued Emily N.’s interest in the program, she said.

“I am interested in the automotive and racing industry because it is a male-dominated industry. Not a lot of women have this profession [or] interest. I also love that it’s [a] hands-on program, and I love cars and getting my hands dirty,” Emilly N. said.

This is a courageous group of applicants who are trying out for a groundbreaking first. Emily G. said it best in her essay, ”I had the courage to fill out the form for this opportunity. Athena Racing is offering me a chance to see how my future could be, to which I had friends ask ‘why even try?’  But, I see this opportunity as a one-time chance. How often do you get to see how your life could be? So, my courage may lead to rejection, but at least I have the chance to say that I did my best, that I never gave up hope for my future, and that I had the courage to at least try something new. I do hope that this opportunity will come to me, so that I can have a small glimpse into my potential for the future and gain knowledge that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

At the end of the application, the young ladies were asked to post a one-minute Instagram video answering what part of Athena Racing most excites them and why. Applicants posted videos of them working on cars, driving and talking about why they would enjoy the opportunity to get involved in the one-of-a-kind racing and STEM program.

The Athena Racing staff is thrilled with the application turnout and can not wait to announce the all-female automotive racing team of Athenians who will demolish the status-quo.



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“Auto racing began 5 seconds after the second car was built.”

– Henry Ford

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Championing Young Ladies Who Are Demolishing the Staus Quo!

“if you can dream it, you can do it.”

-Enzo ferrari

Cydney Melton

Cydney Melton

News & Media Assistant

Cydney Melton is a fourth year journalism major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, but is originally from Cardiff, California. Although she has not spent much time around race cars, she has spent a lot of time riding motorcycles in the desert, on the back of her dad’s Harley and just recently got her own motorcycle license. Cydney is a big advocate for women empowerment and encouraging women in male-dominated industries. She will be working as the News and Media Assistant, highlighting the progress and power of the Athena women as they claim their spot in the racing world.