Have you ever wondered what race car drivers do to get themselves fit now that COVID has severely impacted what they normally do?

Well, professional race car driver Oliver Pla shared his workout regime with Inside Mazda. For his warmup, he starts on the rowing machine by doing 1,000 to 3,000 meters. He pushes himself to beat his own time. To train his neck, he uses an elastic rope to pull and a Swiss ball to push. Pla holds the position for 30 second intervals before repeating. For cardio, he runs about 6 miles and does 30 push-ups followed by 25 squats, four times without a break. For his shoulders and arms, Pla starts off by using kettlebells to build and strengthen his arms. He also benches and does weights.

Maintaining the grip on the steering wheel for an endurance race is no small task. For upper body, Pla does battle rope exercises, he follows a 30/30 routine, 30 seconds of whipping the battle ropes and 30 seconds of rest before repeating twelve times.

Oliver Pla also mentions mental strength, “You have to stay strong mentally, too. This is not an easy situation because you don’t know when it will end and when we’ll get back to normal life, back to what you love.” He is very excited to get back in the race car.

Many racers have also started doing the iRacing, created by NASCAR. “It was a pretty quick turnaround,” NASCAR Managing Director of Gaming Scott Warfield told CBS Sports. “But we thought it was important and the right thing to do to offer something like this and provide a rest for fans needing a break from their Twitter timelines and the national news and give them a sense of normalcy for 90 minutes on a Sunday.”


ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Laksita Nandakumar, Vice President, Student Advisory Board

On The Track

“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.” 

-Marv Levy

If you can’t outplay them, outwork them.

-Ben Hogan