A country club-style racetrack where performance and luxury meet. They surely did not miss any detail while planning this uniquely designed vacation club, located in the beautiful palms desert with mountain scenery and unimaginable sunsets. I am talking about The Thermal Club, yes, this place may sound divine and it is but, it is very exclusive and only members get the best of the best.

Luckily, I was able to experience this amazing club along with all my team members from Athena Racing. I had only heard of Thermal weeks before attending their SRO event, even while just doing research I got so excited to have a chance at embracing everything in person. Conveniently Thermal was built close to Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport for those who are maybe coming to visit their nice vacation villas or even get some track time. This amazing structure has a lot of thought put into it that is for certain.

As soon as my team and I arrived we were instantly treated spectacularly by staff and event hosts. SRO welcomed us with open arms and introduced us to some of the competitive racers. It was so thrilling being able to be out there on the decks watching them fly by, and then come back in and be able to talk to them more on how they got behind the wheel. We were surrounded by miles of track, everything from a Honda to a Lotus, great company, amazing architecture, and not to mention the fresh food buffet with live music. A day so amazing you would definitely be asking “How do I become a member here?” Well I will tell you exactly how.

As I mentioned about the villas earlier, these villas are actually a very crucial part of the whole Thermal experience and it’s something you don’t want to miss out on. Luckily for us, we got a grand tour and were able to get the full experience. Being driven around in a special Thermal tour bus, all to ourselves, we ended up on the opposite side of the two-story track wall. Villas are currently under construction for new members, which is mandatory once you become a member. These villas are all three stories high specifically built in sections. The first floor is the garage/entrance, designed to fit 10-15 cars, the second floor is for living where the windows of the room are actually built through the great wall surrounding Thermal’s track, the top floor is the sleeping space, with deluxe suites and giant balconies designed to overlook the entire track.

Imagine being out on the top floor balcony relaxing while the sun is setting and a bunch of exotic supercars race by on the track. Thermal is the life of my dreams… I would love to become a member in the future.


“Now that we have a working team, I am more devoted to our success than I ever could have imagined.”

-Loxley Browne

Marissa Olivares

Marissa Olivares

Team Member & Spokesperson

Marissa grew up working on cars because of her dad, the go-to helper grabbing tools while helping him work on his cars. Her first experience in a shop class was senior year of high school.  Her teacher believed in her and pushed her to excel. That belief and support in that class led her down this career path. This year with Athena Racing will be the pivot point that accelerates her career.