With the new year just around the corner, there is much to look forward to in January. There will be attempted resolutions, new beginnings, and transitions; but what better way is there to start the year than with cars? Yes, you can try to start waking up earlier, or attempt drinking more water like you’ve been telling yourself you’d do for the past few New Years, but why stress on that when you can feed your love for the automotive world.

From the first to the fifth of January, the automotive world is coming to you at the San Diego Convention Center. The International Auto Show is coming to San Diego to display over 400 new cars and products to launch the new year (or new decade, I should say). Every automotive manufacturer from Subaru to Lamborghini will have some of their newest models on exhibit just for the price of admission. You can also test drive the latest models from Jeep, Toyota, Chevrolet, and more!

On January 4th, you can meet the inaugural Athena Racing team, an extra-curricular STEM education program for young ladies who are interested in pursuing a career in automotive, motorsport, and transportation industries. The team drivers: Adeline, Emily, Izzy, Marrissa, and Rosy will all be there to sign hero cards for anyone interested in hearing about Athena Racing.


Kickstart the new year with a visit to the annual San Diego International Auto Show. Meet the Athena Racing team, browse through new cars, and take a test drive.

If you want to hear more about Athena Racing, visit their website AthenaRacing.org.

“A car for every purse & purpose.

-Alfred Sloan



Driver & Spokeswoman

Izzy is a girl with an immense passion for cars. Finding her passion at the beginning of high school, she was relieved that she had finally stumbled upon the path of her future career. Now, with her future in mind, she is a team member of the all-girl’s Athena Racing team where she hopes to discover where she will take her next big leap into the real world.