As 2019 comes to a close, us Athenians have certainly looked at what our team has done in the short time we have been together this year. And wow, has it only scratched the surface of what we have planned. In the words of T.S. Elliot, “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.”

We have introduced our team to the general public and have gotten our name out there! Behind closed doors however, we have been practicing how to grow accustomed to this new found fame our generous CEO and our supporters have granted upon us. Loxley shared the Athena Racing team her strong-willed plans for the future and her tenacious attitude has rubbed off on the team!

We not only have made appearances on the news but were at the San Diego Auto Show! On January 4th of this year, we were down at the San Diego Convention Center to greet the ones who share a love of cars as we do! Not only were we amazed by those who recognized us from television or those who were just interested in our program, we were fascinated with what the Auto Show had to offer!

We signed autographs and passed out balloons to people who stopped by our booth. We had people who had race experience come by and compliment how we were breaking the gender norm. People who we’ve never met, came up and expressed their fascination with the team and told us their own stories of racing and what they have raced in the past. A big thank you to everyone who stopped by because it really meant a lot to our team.

While we were there, we were only a small part of what the auto show had to offer. Several car companies were there showing off their latest models of SUVs, sedans, pickup trucks, etc. What really impressed us, and most of the people who attended the auto show, was Jeep and their presentation of their latest model. They had a whole obstacle course of what their new jeeps could take and their amazing new features. On our breaks, we went to go check it out and man was it awesome! We all can’t wait to see what happens at the next auto show we attend!

With our extraordinary team of girls and spunky leader, we are able to show the public that the automotive industry is changing. Women are the change needed for the future and we are here to make that impact. To show other girls that we show no mercy to the stereotypes seen what we are passionate about. STEM and automotive based careers are NOT just for men!

Since our team is fairly new, we would love if you could share with your close friends about Athena Racing and what opportunities our program can provide for women who are interested in a career that focuses on STEM or in the automotive industry. We are also always accepting donations and any amount would help the team pursue its goals! Your support is what fuels our drive!

We are so excited to see what’s in store for this season and to learn plenty of new things. With this program, the team will be able to shine and be open to opportunities that will help them in their journey to success. Make sure to check back in to see what we have accomplished in the new year!


Written by Rosy Zuniga

“I’ve always been asked, ’what is my favorite car?’ and I’ve always said ’the next one.’”

-Shelby Carroll

Rosy Zuniga

Rosy Zuniga

Team Member & Spokesperson

Rosy’s positivity, smiles, and infectious laugh keep the team in high spirits. A high school senior, she is planning on pursuing an engineering degree without racking up the big student debt bill by working her way up from community college to a San Diego-based university. While her senior year isn’t like the typical year thanks to the coronavirus, she plans on having a productive summer interning with a local business in the engineering and R&D departments.