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Sabrina’s fascination with space and engineering began at an early age, when she and her dad spent ample time playing with their small home telescope, watching the Discovery Channel, and devouring any book about space she could get her hands on. When she was a teen, she decided she wanted to pursue nuclear engineering as a field of study based on her desire to learn how physics worked at the atomic level.

Fast forward a few years: Sabrina is an accomplished aerospace engineer and a Department of Energy and Navy-certified Nuclear Engineer. Sabrina attended the United States Naval Academy and graduated with an aerospace engineering degree in 2014, in a graduating class that was only 20% female. Following the Naval Academy, Sabrina went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to further her education in Aeronautics and Astronautics, and completed a thesis in the field of human spaceflight and bioastronautics. The learning didn’t stop: she reported to her first Navy assignment and completed two rigorous schools that gave her a crash-course introduction to all things nuclear engineering.

Sabrina reported to the USS Minnesota (SSN 783), a Virginia-class attack submarine and completed a full deployment cycle during her two years onboard. As one of three women in a crew of approximately 120, she spent her first year on the boat becoming an operational expert on her boat’s nuclear reactor, and the second year developing her tactical skills as a ship driver, submarine tactician, and onboard- systems expert.


Sabrina now works for the Commander, Submarine Forces, in developing policy and personnel plans for continuing the integration of the submarine community with women. She has a strong passion for advocating STEM careers to young women and breaking gender stereotypes everywhere.

Sabrina Reyes
Sabrina Reyes at Nasa base