Rida Alvi - Mechanical Engineer


Mechanical Engineer

Rida Alvi is a mechanical engineer who designs and builds contactless torque sensors.

What does that mean? It means that Rida is responsible for the critical components that move a motor’s energy from potential to kinetic. She moves dreams to reality. She’s a creator. Quite literally a goddess in the Athenian tradition.

At Mag Canica Rida lives and breathes high performance in the aviation, energy, and most importantly, motorsports worlds, on a daily basis. Her expertise is sought by top tier companies and organizations world wide. From Rolls Royce to Sikorsky Aircraft, the United States Army, and Formula One amongst others, Rida’s signature touch is evident.

But before she stood alongside industry titans, she walked a path not dissimilar to our Athenians. And that is why we are so proud to have her as our featured CAMP Athena speaker on mechanics. 

She studied mechanical engineering at San Diego State University where she served as President of the Formula SAE team. She went on to earn automotive technology credentials from Mira Costa College where she also received her ASE certifications.

Not one to be earthbound, Rida is a licensed private pilot, spending her time aloft working towards her instrument certification.

Let’s learn a bit more about Rida Alvi and the wisdom she imparts to our campers.



Current Role Within Your Company

Design and Development Engineer

In a Nutshell

I am a Mechanical Engineer responsible for developing, designing, and implementing contactless torque sensors primarily for the Motorsports world, in addition to the aviation and energy industries.

Why I Got Into a Career in Motorsports

I was always fascinated with cars growing up and was surrounded by a group of friends who also loved cars and racing. I took that passion and used it to drive me to learn everything about automotive technology and develop a career as an engineer in the automotive/motorsports world.

I love machines and going fast and was always good with math and physics. As a result, becoming a Mechanical Engineer and finding a career in the automotive/motorsports world was the obvious choice for me – and one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Favorite Car(s)

Honda S2000, Ferrari 458

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