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Our goal is to raise $5,000 by October 17th to create more good for our girls who are eager to learn. Your donation goes to creating more online STEM classes, camps and fun activities to inspire those young girls who are missing the community they don’t get to see this year because of COVID-19. Athena Racing brings them together with other like-minded girls who are excited to learn more about cars, exploring and developing incredible life skills.

Rebelle Rally’s Team Ponderosa

Community. Confidence. Competence.

The Rebelle Rally embodies the Athenian mindset and spirit by gathering 40 teams of women to test their endurance and skill in 8 days of an off-road navigation rally through the desert wilderness of Nevada and California.

Do you want to learn how Team Ponderosa does it?

Athena Racing has been selected by Team Ponderosa as their Honorary Charity. Their team wants to teach the younger generation how to excel with confidence in a myriad of situations. 

I mean, what would you do without your phone’s GPS?!? Hmmm, betcha wouldn’t make it to your destination.



That’s where the Rebelle Rally takes a detour from the modern day. Smart phones, GPS, cameras with wifi, satellite phones…. Are NOT allowed! Our Team Ponderosa will be in the middle of the desert navigating with a compass and paper map. 


Team Ponderosa?




Sara Swenson, the Navigator, currently is the VP of Product, working with top brands in technology and recreation. Her background includes geo-spatial analysis, complex optimization modeling, and combining process and technology to solve customer needs. When not working, she is mapping her next overland route to explore more of our National Lands. 





Erin Vogel, the Driver, has been racing cars since childhood and is currently competing for the Flying Lizard Motorsports racing team. She is a fourth-generation owner and Vice President of Vogel Properties, Inc., a real estate firm that specializes in the management and development of industrial rental properties in Southern California.




The Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid in the United States.

Blending the love of driving with the ultimate challenge of precise navigation, the Rebelle tests the team’s skills over 8 days of competition. It is not a race for speed, but a unique and demanding event based on the elements of headings, hidden checkpoints, time, and distance using maps, compass, and roadbook.


Workshop 1

September 8


Learn what it takes to bring a team together to prepare for 10 days in the wilderness. Planning, budgeting, packing, prepping the vehicle. All of the items that you have to imagine and prepare for before you leave on your trip.


Workshop 2

September 15


Imagine trying to get from Point A to Point B with only a compass and a paper map. Does it seem impossible?  Maps can be your friend, Sara Swenson will lead a session on basics of navigating, map reading, how to pick a route, and how to orient yourself to make sure you are heading in the right direction for your next adventure!

Workshop 3

September 22


Driving the line and hitting the perfect apex is the goal on a road race course, but what happens when you go off-road? The rules change! Hear from pro race car driver Erin Vogel how she is going to translate her road racing skills and understanding of vehicle dynamics into success in the dirt, rocks, and dunes.

Workshop 4

October 6


Help us cheer our team to victory. Team Ponderosa will show us what they packed and how they fit all the necessities into their Jeep. With only a few days before the Rebelle Rally begins, this is our chance to talk about the last-minute preparations.


Workshop 5

October 27


Every business woman and athlete know that a review of the race is how you refine and get better. Team Ponderosa will take us behind-the-scenes to show us what the race was really like – the confidence builders, the challenges and the long nights under the stars.