Athena Racing is the most amazing and enriching experience. From Day 1, which was much later than the rest of the members, I have learned something new every day. This professional team environment stimulates exactly what you will find out in the ‘real world’. Of course, for high school students, it’s nearly impossible to get any practical experience that directly applies to your area of interest, especially in STEM. School only challenges students to develop the right mindset — real-life application demands that mindset to be put to the test. Or, to say in other words, school provides students with the potential to work hard, and Athena Racing blossoms that potential into a tangible experience. 

I can say for a fact that I am lucky to have found this amazing program. Almost like fate, I stumbled across it in my inbox one day, and in a stroke of courage, I emailed my interest in applying to the CEO, Loxely Browne. Coincidentally (or not), she was also seeking a member to fill the fifth seat on the team. This program and its leaders have already become mentors to myself and the other girls. 

I vaguely remember receiving light concern about me joining the team late, especially when the current group was already so closely bonded. But, that problem never arose, because each member has been so kind and open to myself and everyone we meet. I know that I’ve forged life-long friendships with these girls I’ve known for less than a month.

Even more, I have connected with so many new people and companies, and this program has begun to change my life. Joining new, I thought I would miss out, but really, it opened up my eyes to a whole new world.

To most high school students, the automotive industry doesn’t seem too interesting. Its projects like building a drift trike, or racing Laguna Seca that interests these students. And, as everyone can see, it interests this team greatly. We’ve all accomplished impressive things to list on our resume, but Athena Racing gives the experience that actually puts you in a job. 

I am proud to say that I am on the inaugural Athena Racing team, because we will achieve great things, and this program will shape us into amazing engineers. After all, it’s not every day that you come across a high school student that demonstrates fluent public speaking skills, impressive leadership, and gets the experience of building a drift trike on a team of only 5.


 Written by Shayne Conner

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” 

-Henry Ford

Shayne Conner

Shayne Conner

Team Member & Spokesperson

Shayne is a dedicated high school student with hands-on experience in robotics and computer aided design, a passion for learning and an enthusiast for robotics and Women in STEM. Her love for robotics and mechanical engineering shines through the work she does as the President of her robotics team and as a team member of Athena Racing. This summer she is looking forward to an internship working with a local San Diego company to increase her knowledge of robotics in engineering fields.