Most would say this month has brought on the worst luck. I, however, believe the opposite. The lock-in, resulting in flattening the curve of the Coronavirus, has presented us with a different approach to life. My question now becomes “where are the opportunities?!?”

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity


Athena Racing is prepared. With new programs under development, the changes we are facing are welcomed opportunities to our board and team. Being accepted into the Silicon Valley M10 Society LIFT accelerator will give me guidance and help to lead us into new areas of business development, revenue, and programming.

There are many advocates – Mike Rowe, Adam Corolla, Mark Cuban – who share my belief in educating our students in skilled trades. At Athena Racing, we champion the underrepresented female students who are pursuing careers in the STEM pathway.

The opportunities are still there! Now more than ever. The examples of skilled trades(wo)men forging ahead, despite the health hazards, put the focus back on what it takes to make a community run on a day-to-day basis.

Now is the time to step up and provide more support to our students. They are experiencing, for the first time in their very young adulthood, that unforeseen occurrences outside of their control can have a profound effect on their life. It won’t be the last time this happens to them, but with the skills that we teach, we hope to lessen the negative and provide them with the ability to handle everything that comes their way.

Those of us in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s have experienced, in our working life, how the Gulf Wars and bust of the early 90’s and then the Great Recession of 2008, changed our intended path and income level. This is the first time that our teenagers are living the stress of how life pivots on a moment. Along with their parents, our teaching instills the incredible resolve and determination that is required to move ahead when it seems impossible.

Our team at Athena Racing leads by example. The “old school” grit and determination that requires rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty allows us to provide the change needed. The team’s hands will get dirtier. We will build. And, we will let nothing stop us.

I know that some donors and corporations will slam doors in my face, will develop selective hearing, will watch from afar and make comments. To me, every NO is an “I want to kNOw more before writing a check.” Those who believe in what we are doing, as we serve the second-largest school district in the State of California, are the individuals and corporations who are keeping the lines of communication open and helping.

Our team is lucky. We are prepared. I see the opportunities. Luck is on our side.

Radiate love and look for opportunities,
Loxley Browne
Athena Racing, Board President

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