In the United States, women are poorly underrepresented in STEM careers across disciplines. According to a recent study done by the American Association of University Women (AAUW), women make up a very small percentage of workers and leaders of STEM – around only 28%. Both young and professional women face hurdles in the form of harmful gender stereotypes in work and school, a male-dominated workplace culture, and more importantly, a lack of female role models (AAUW).

With this in mind, Athena Racing’s ultimate MISSION is to put young girls in the driver’s seat of their future STEM career – in design, engineering, fabrication, business, and public relations – related to the transportation industries on land, sea and air.


Our VISION is to see a girl in every level of business who helps to drive transportation and humankind forward.


Athena Racing’s strength is in providing custom, purpose-built training focused on the latest real-time workforce needs. This talent pipeline will be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow with the needed essential skills that are transferable across sectors. We are putting the Athenian wings on our student members that will propel them forward into their careers in STEM.



Our members, girls in middle school and high school, are at the pivotal age of breaking the bias and following their knowledge quest that is filled with curiosity of subjects unknown to them. ​In our safe environment, they are given the opportunity to explore and learn while they:

  • Connect with and learn from STEM Role Models who are working in fields of interest to our members.
  •  Advance STEM knowledge through certification in Athena Racing’s Education Tracks.
  •  Advance STEM career goals through Athena Racing leadership development programs. 
  • Elevate leadership knowledge and become eligible to serve in Athena Racing boards that promote confidence, character, and community. 
  • Practice personal development strategy learning how to network, support, and grow within a community of young STEM leaders.

Several factors differentiate Athena Racing from other extra-curricular organizations: 

  • Focus on job opportunities and career paths in the male-dominated fields of automotive, motorsports, engineering and transportation.
  • Girls-only global community for #GirlsInSTEM.
  • Offer career development and essential skills training.
  •  Headquartered in Global STEM, Automotive & Transportation Hub.


Develop your talent pipeline, instill real-world job skills in young students, and attract top talent while showcasing your company’s thought leadership and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as we prepare the next generation for their future.

CHAMPION THE CHANGE /// Showcase your company’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and growing the female presence in the STEM sectors.

MARKET ACCESS WITH DIGITAL PROMOTION /// Deepen engagement with your shareholders and  your company’s thought leadership experts by presenting on and sponsoring our programs. Build your brand equity and extend your market reach in front of students and parents as these events are captured on social channels, enabling you to reach target audiences and creating a closer community.

COMMUNITY IMPACT ///  Demonstrate your shared values and commitment to advancing female leadership and gender equality in STEM.



Becoming a partner of Athena Racing is more than just writing a check and bringing more attention to your company. It’s taking important action to increase Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts by showing your operative support to increase female presence in STEM careers in the automotive, engineering, robotics, motorsports and transportation realms.

At just three-years-old, Athena Racing has amassed global traction, partners, press, community, and members. Just imagine how unstoppable we can be together! 

With our ranges in corporate partnership opportunities, there are many places your company can fit in. Continue reading below to find the partnership level that best suits your brand.



These are the flagship events that attract hundreds of STEM-loving girls. 100 scholarships per camp are awarded to applicants who demonstrate their commitment to growth and sharing of knowledge. Those who are chosen become the content creators for our brands expanding the marketing reach by relaying their insights to their peers.

Three virtual camps are held in July and August, each has its own subject area and industry experts. It is broadcasted live to students in the United States and is available to our global members as self-paced recordings via Club Athena.

FABcamp – Our flagship camp is back with a fabrication build that has the teenagers excited. We are crafting a driving simulator from a real car! The production of the hands-on shop experience of building, filming and broadcasting provides our Athenians with a heart-pounding, exhilarating development of knowledge and confidence. This camp has daily activities that the campers do for the entire month of July. The 5-hour session on Wednesdays has six segments that are covered. 

Land + Sea + Air Transportation Camp – This is the camp for exploration and discovery into all the different modes of transportation. Our membership is filled with brilliant engineering mindsets who are trying to discover how to connect their purpose to passion. Which sector and specialization should they choose? We open the door to show them all of the job opportunities that are available and introduce them to STEM role models who inspire them because of their similarities. This camp is held for one-week in July with four segments a day. 

Career Development Camp – Our members are serious about their future and becoming the best STEM role models for their peers and employers. This is an intensive prep program that focuses on writing, speaking, etiquette, presentation and skill sets needed in the workplace. This camp is held for one-week in August with four segments a day. 

*Extended exposure of your sponsorship will be provided as all of the camps will be available as self-paced learning segments on Club Athena for one year. This extends your brand message beyond the summer camp timeframe (April thru August) to April 2023.

Commitment: Now
Cost per Camp: $25,000
Positions Available: 3
Marketing Campaign Launch: May 1


Our famed project each year is filmed showing select Athenians who fabricate something based on a need discussed in our think tank. This year we are taking it up a level and will build a driving sim from a car. The team of three Athenians (teenage girls) will strip the car of all extra weight (engine, transmission and more) and reconstruct it using gaming components. The result will give our Athenians and event guests the chance to sit in a real car while driving in a racing game on iRacing, Xbox or Playstation. Our showstopper is already booked to appear at the INDYCAR Portland International Raceway race with Carvana and Jimmie Johnson on September 4th. It will also make an appearance on the first day of school at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego. Beyond appearances and rentals, it will be used by our Athenians for driving practice as they prepare to test for their driver’s licenses.

Commitment: Now
Cost: $30,000
Positions Remaining: 1
Marketing Campaign Launch: May 1


Our driving simulator, a real car, will be in the spotlight attending events this year. Your brand can be part of this show-stealing experience.  The same ‘ohhs’ and ‘ahhhs,’ picture taking, media interviews, and backdrop setting that is experienced at the race track with top-named teams will happen when visitors see our sim. There are seven key positions on the car that are available. Those who are claiming other partnership opportunities get a 25% discount on this opportunity when adding it to your commitment to support.

Commitment: by June
Cost: $1,000 to $3,000, per event or per year
Positions Remaining: 7
Marketing Campaigns Launch: July 6

/// CLUB ATHENA /// 

We are connecting our members from around the globe through a private social media network currently being built for our approved Athena Racing members. Similar to LinkedIn with profiles, groups, training and livestreaming it will allow the members to learn how to interact with each other on a professional level. You have the opportunity to be the title sponsor with the “powered by” designation that will be recognized by our member’s professional parents and your future pipeline of talent.

Commitment: Now
Cost: $50,000
Positions Remaining: 3, *powered by ____ is 1 position at $150,000
Marketing Campaigns Launch: May 1
Length: from date of signing until December 31, 2023<<<


Our pillars of training – the Athena Racing Education Tracks – will be presented to our Athenaians in a format similar to Masterclass. This will give them extra certification in subjects that they want to explore in depth. Our team will work with yours to create a curriculum that is current and speaks to the real-world needs in the workplace. A representative from your company and an Athenian member will be the on-air presenters as we record these modules for self-paced learning. Your brand will be the only brand featured on the track of your choice.

Tracks available are: Driving, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Etiquette, Fabrication, Internship, Mechanics, Marketing, Personal Finance, Photography, Public Speaking, Robotics, Safety, Wellness

 Commitment: April, June, August
Cost: $50,000
Positions Available: 15
Marketing Campaigns Launch: September, November, January
Length: September 2022 or November 2022 or January 2023 until December 31, 2023 (the first five to commit will have the longest length of exposure to our students and parents)


Your brand can gain presence on our virtual offerings with placement on our team jerseys. On the sleeves or chest area, your logo will be prominently displayed and able to be viewed in all productions. Our eSports drivers, Student Advisory Board Members and Interns are required to wear their uniforms for all interactions. This is a great addition to a bundle to show your support in multiple ways.

Commitment: Now
Cost: $5,000
Positions Remaining: 5
Marketing Campaigns Launch: May


Your brand can be part of the virtual stage with placement on our accessories. In the virtual world that we live in, these items are a must-have item for all of our members. These are included in our onboarding package and required for all meetings and events. The faces of Athena Racing – our eSports Team, Students Advisory Board, Interns, and Executive Team – use these accessories.

 Accessories: Blue light glasses, headsets, backdrop, bags/backpack

Commitment: Now
Cost: $3,000
Positions Remaining: 4
Marketing Campaigns Launch: now


Is your brand evolving with Gamification and eSports? How are you deepening your engagement with the content creators? Be the brand who supports the platform that is  training students for this future while developing the pipeline of talent in a sector with severe shortages. DRIVE is the first virtual step into racing featuring racing instruction from professionals of the industry, auto shop class, business training, career advice, and a deep dive into the jobs available in these sectors. Unlike Athena Racing, DRIVE is open to all genders and ages giving us a larger customer base to reach. The Electronic Software Association study shows that 48% prefer racing games and that men in the 35-44 age group commonly play with their children. The eSports market is young but quickly growing. Now is the time to put your brand in the training sector of these industries as the explosive growth of the metaverse and gamification take shape. 

Commitment: Now
Cost: $50,000
Positions Remaining: 2, *powered by ____ is 1 position at $150,000
Marketing Campaigns Launch: May 1


Our self-guided training on fifteen historic racetracks allows the track partner to have full attention of the viewer. The subscribers have 24/7 access to the training for the year giving you the opportunity to change your messaging with a new commercial, offer or campaign each month. This is an interactive opportunity that our teams can create together. Be the featured sponsor of the track of your choice for the season. 

Commitment: Now
Cost: $25,000
Positions Remaining: 10
Marketing Campaigns Launch: May 1
Length: from date of signing until December 31, 2022

/// LET’S DO THIS ///

Talk to CEO & Founder Loxley Browne to discover how far-reaching your exposure will be! Connect your brand messaging to the camp that best fits your talent management goals and will build your talent pipeline. Let’s talk about where and how we can show your support!



M: 619-416-7018



We empower the young ladies who are the “nerds,” the “game-changers,” the “status quo demolishers”. 

Our intensive spring internship online program gives our members a community of like-minded, engineering-thinking, design-wielding creators. During our merit-based intensive studies, our participants will meet outstanding female STEM role models, and have new experiences outside of their bubble  where they will learn a multitude of skills that will benefit them throughout life. 

Club Athena is built upon the Athenian characteristics of Character, Confidence and Courage.

This is a GIRLS-ONLY STEM Education Club.