We often start the year with our New Year’s resolutions… in which we vow to ourselves in starting the New Year’s with “going to the gym” or “leaving bad energy in the past”. These resolutions are great, as long as you stick with them. This team of ours, we’re looking at 2020 with a fresh perspective and the talent to make it happen!

We started off this year at the San Diego Auto Show, a team of five young ladies who are pursuing innovative careers in the new white-collar-with-a-blue-stripe industries. With a full team of unique females, we all bring something different to the table. This program is a perfect fit to make our dreams come true as we each have different goals.

This STEM education, extracurricular program is the perfect fit for any young woman interested in automotive, motorsports and transportation industries. The team of advisors, instructors, and volunteers helps to train and guide us as we pursue our dream careers all the while inspiring other female students along their journey.

Loxley Browne, CEO and founder of the Athena Racing program, knew a program such as this one has been long overdue. “Now that we have a working team, I am more devoted to our success than I ever could have imagined,” says Browne.

How often do you see a female working in your local mechanic shop? Sadly, not often enough. These industries (automotive, motorsport and transportation) are built around a mold which is male-dominated. From personal experience I can say I see why many women quit. Women lack support to pursue careers in such industries. And, sad to say, we often get discouraged before even getting a chance to show our full potential. Me being a young girl dreaming of becoming a mechanic had many men along my path who doubted me. Athena is building us up to have such a resevoir of  strength that no one will be able to break us down. We strive to help others such as ourselves to break that mold and encourage more females to follow their dreams no matter what anyone might say or do.

Athena Racing is here to give young women a chance to explore more and find out exactly what they are interested in, and once they find out what they want, help them become professionals in that field. A devoted one-year program in which you dedicate yourself to the team and your teammates. We drive each other, but nonetheless, are driven by support from others around as well. This program is a nonprofit that encourages others to donate to help keep it fully functional and running consistently. Click here to donate, help spread awareness and give more young females the same opportunity to become great.

Starting off 2020 with mandatory team phone calls, team assignments, shop days, and track days, this team will be having a busy, educational and fun-filled year. Our work will push us to the limit while we making our mark on and off the track.

Our team New Year’s resolution is to inspire as many young women as we can. I know that I and my teammates are definitely excited to come into this year at full speed.

My name is Marissa Olivares, a team member and spokeswoman for Athena Racing. I grew up involved with cars because of my dad, he would always need help grabbing tools while working on his cars and I was his go-to helper. My first experience in a shop was senior year of high school  in my auto tech class, where my teacher believed in me and pushed me to excel in my class. Ever since that class I knew I loved working on cars. I heard about Athena racing and I instantly knew this was the program for me. I’m currently 21-years old and working at Pep Boys Auto in Los Angeles. Being a part of this program has brought me closer to see exactly what I want to pursue career-wise.

Keep in contact with us on social media! Whether it’s track time with the team or wrenching in the shop we will always be busy doing something fun and new! We will soon be building a drift trike together from basic materials around the shop. Projects that were only ideas are now becoming reality as we work on them together!

See you in the shop – Marissa

“Now that we have a working team, I am more devoted to our success than I ever could have imagined.”

-Loxley Browne

Marissa Olivares

Marissa Olivares

Team Member & Spokesperson

Marissa grew up working on cars because of her dad, the go-to helper grabbing tools while helping him work on his cars. Her first experience in a shop class was senior year of high school.  Her teacher believed in her and pushed her to excel. That belief and support in that class led her down this career path. This year with Athena Racing will be the pivot point that accelerates her career.