5 a.m. came early the morning of Friday the thirteenth. Before the sun was made it’s way over the horizon, I was awake and busy preparing for my call with Andries Moedt, an owner of Race Consults based in the Netherlands. My nerves were beginning to consume me at that time. I had never done anything like this before and I wanted to do everything right.

Luckily, Andries was very respectful and stepped in to help carry the conversation when I was struggling. We talked for about an hour, discussing Race Consults and Athena Racing, with the occasional anecdote from his life about him and descriptions of his love for cars. He asked questions about my life and future and how I was planning to pursue a career in automotive or aerospace engineering. By the end of the call, Andries and I had started a friendship as well as creating the possibilities for future business endeavors.

Andries Moedt is an owner of Race Consults, a consulting group for race car drivers or other automotive companies around the world. He has hundreds of connections throughout multiple countries regarding the automotive industry. He grew up watching and going to races with his father which is where his love for cars began.

He now travels for his job, getting to go to new places each year and experience amazing things. His company, Race Consults, is a small business with a very large impact. With a management team of four, he and his coworkers do an incredible job helping race car drivers and companies form connections and help to give them opportunities within the motorsport industry.

Our conversation mainly revolved around Athena Racing and automobiles with discussions about how Andries can help provide exposure to racing and professional race car drivers for our team. Occasionally, the conversation would redirect back to me and my goals.

My future in the automotive industry was heavily discussed and I mentioned to Mr. Moedt that I was planning on attending a university on the East Coast after high school. He replied by questioning whether or not I would be interested in a position as an engineer intern with a company that could be located in or out of the United States.

Can you imagine my excitement? I couldn’t contain myself and was smiling for the rest of the call. When it was over, I enthusiastically told my parents all of the exciting news about our conversation.

Talking with Mr. Moedt was an incredible experience! My skills with communication and marketing flourished. With this call, I learned how extremely important connections are! Throughout our talk, I began to realize how big the automotive industry is and that the relationships you form with people are one of the most important things to becoming successful.

The great thing about learning though is that I now know how to make future business calls that much better. As the Athenian education tracks of marketing and leadership, I not only was improving myself and my future will this call, but I also got a headstart on learning what it really takes to be an Athenian. With Andries and Loxley’s help, I have an improved understanding of what marketing and leadership take, especially when the results of it are of great importance to you and others.

Andries was definitely the best person to have my first business call with. He is one of the most genuine people I have ever talked to and he was extremely nice with helping me through the conversation. His support and friendship will be very beneficial not only to me but also to the whole Athena team. It was such an incredible experience to speak with him and it has prepared me for my future filled with connections and meetings. It showed me that connections are everything when creating friendships and opportunities.

Andries Moedt manages Canadian driver, Mikael Grenier who won 3rd place at the Italian Porsche Cup in Monza.

Photo credits: Margreet Moedt



Team Member & Spokeswoman

Adeline is a high school junior who is on the fast track into the automotive and motorsports world. While she dreams of creating the next form of transportation, she is getting hands-on experience driving, wrenching and fabricating as a member of the inaugural Athena Racing team. Her goal is set on Carnegie Melon and gaining expertise in mechanical engineering and robotics so that she can lead teams into the future in the automotive and aerospace sectors.