Beth Paretta

Beth Paretta


One thing that I learned from Ms. Beth’s  presentation was the importance of being consistent.  We focus so much on winning that one race or that one contest, that we forget to be consistent with our victory.  Consistency is important if we want to win the overall competition and not just one aspect of it.  An example that Ms. Beth provided to support this idea is that you are more likely to win the championship if you finish second-place all year long, as opposed to getting fifteenth-place one time, tenth-place another, and one first place.  Another example of this in terms of FABcamp is if you put all your effort into just one assignment but don’t do the same with the others, and you don’t really attempt the extra credit, you will just end up winning for that one assignment and not the overall one.  On the other hand, if you put a consistent amount of effort into all of the assignments and contests, you are more likely to win the overall prize.  Keeping this in mind, moving forward, I will always try to be consistent with whatever I do.


When Beth Paretta discussed her experiences in the racing industry, I learned a variety of different and helpful lessons which I can apply when I enter the career field. First, Beth explained her different interests in both the business and racing in the racing industry and how she explored both aspects. This was an important take away for me because it taught me that having different interests is helpful since it can bring a variety of new and different opportunities in the career field. In addition, Beth explained that during one event, she took the cooling system from a minivan and used it to add something similar to a racecar to improve the cooling. This was interesting for me because it taught me about how adaptation is an important factor in the workfield when inconveniences occur. Furthermore, Beth talked about how she works for different racing organizations such as NASCAR and Viper. This was insightful for me because I learned how it’s important to have different experience and exposure in the workfield.

Beth Paretta


During Athena Racing FABcamp, Beth Paretta, a motorsport company owner, came to speak with us. My favorite part of her presentation was when she explained how she and her team used the air conditioning from the minivan to air condition the racecar. I found that to be really creative and innovative, and I was really impressed that they were able to make that work. I think that being innovative and being creative with what you have is a very important and useful skill. Oftentimes, we are faced with problems and only have limited supplies and no easy solution. Being smart and innovative enough to use those supplies to find a solution is an essential skill. Beth Paretta also created the first all-women’s race car driving team to race with the Indy 500. As a girl myself, I found it really inspiring that she was giving women a chance to shine in a previously male-dominated field. I learned so much about racing during Beth Paretta’s discussion, and I’m so glad she spoke with us for FABcamp!


My take-away from Beth Paretta was that she had so much experience from racing at such a young age and that led her into making her own race team of only women. The world right now is mostly open to men having a career such as racing. Like Beth said, you rarely see women, and when you do, it catches your attention because it isn’t common. She wants it to become normal and this race team of just women is the next step towards that. She is encouraging young girls to take this career by just making a team of just women. This is mostly my big take-away because it is something that’ll blossom into the minds of young women and it’ll help change the future.

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From Beth Paretta, I learned the importance of having a girl-based team, the importance of girls in the STEM/automotive industry, and the importance of teamwork. I learned from her about why she thinks it is important for there to be more women in the automotive industry and how she was the first woman in her high position at the car company she worked for, which motivated her to join her own race team primarily for women. Additionally, I learned about how teamwork is such an important skill. For example, when multiple drivers have to share a car, it is important for them to work well together, so teamwork is a factor in their selection process. Overall, I learned from Beth Paretta about the importance of teamwork and women in the motorsport industry.


Beth Paretta is the owner of an autosport organization and even got to go to the Indy 500. Even though she didn’t win, she didn’t let that throw her down and is still working hard to get to win. I thought that was cool because we all hear people say never give up, but Beth Paretta is a real example of that happening and it’s an important piece of insight to never ever give up.

Beth Paretta


One thing I learned from Beth Paretta is that you can take solutions from anywhere. There was a time where the cooling for the Viper was not very good, but to fix it her team took knowledge from AC in the minivan since it was efficient in cooling. Another thing I learned is that after you gain a certain level of mastery you need to give back to society. Beth Paretta launched Paretta Autosports in 2021 so that more women would be part of racing, which was giving back. Something else I learned is that we can do anything if we work hard and work together. Her team, which had a majority of females, was at this stage where they were all coming together helping at the pit stop. This only happened because they worked hard and together.


One of my favorite insights that I got to know from Ms. Beth Paretta was that it is never too late to want to do more. I learned that after accomplishing something, I don’t have to stop at that goal, I can drag out my goal and make it bigger, and more challenging. Even if I don’t achieve my goal, I can always, at any point, change course and speed onto another highway of life. I don’t have to fixate on one point and just make that my “final destination”. I can always continue to dream and let my mind grow by stimulating it with challenging things that may seem impossible. Because that is the true way that I will be able to make a change in the world and myself.

Beth Paretta


Beth Paretta has been a big fan of cars since she was 5. Though she loved cars, she preferred the business side of racing. For over a year, Beth Paretta was part of the SRT Viper team, and was the first woman involved in motorsports. But when she realized that not many females were included in racing, she decided to make her own team of mostly women. Paretta made a female race car team that drove the Indy 500. Beth Paretta works for Paretta Autosport. Paretta Autosport is a team of mostly girls, having women in the driving seat and pit crew roles. Beth Paretta was very successful and continues to be.