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Michael Manning


Michael Manning is a growth marketing executive, culture cultivator, and expert in organizational design. She advises and mentors startups and young executives to empower innovative thinking. In addition to her career, she’s a published author, public speaker, and SXSW Innovation Advisor.

As a mother of two, she influences her sons to push beyond the norm and think with an entrepreneurial and inclusive spirit. After 8 years at Rocksauce Studios, an Austin based software development firm, growing from Marketing Manager to President, she led the organization to its acquisition.

Her experience has strengthened her effectiveness at exceeding growing companies’ revenue goals by driving marketing initiatives throughout the entire organization.

Serving in a variety of roles including sales, quality assurance, project management, account management as well as operations executive — since she truly believes this is a core foundation to understanding the lifeblood of the way a company works.

Michael Manning | Camp Athena Speaker


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In a Nutshell

Currently at Valkyrie, a data-science and strategy firm, she takes her experience as a marketing executive to accelerate her career at agencies to empower the organization’s growth.

Why I Got Into a Career in Motorsports

My passion for racing because it is such a connected sport, impactful, and highly relatable for business and personal endurance.

Favorite Car(s)

The silver arrows (Team Mercedes all the way!)

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