“In college, I took an engineering class that changed my perspective on sports. The course focused on the engineering of sports equipment. As an athlete, I never looked at my cleats beyond comfort or aesthetics when I wore them. However, this course taught how much technology is involved in the process of developing the proper sports equipment. I gained so much more respect for people in STEM and realized how much athletes rely on their work.”


Digital Marketing Specialist Intern

Darmouth University, B.S. Political Science & Government UCSD, Digital Marketing

Specialty: Google Analytics

Skills: Creative Writing, Photography, Campaign Implementation, Public Speaking

Career Goal: Marketing focus with growth into leadership position

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Why is your involvement with Athena racing important?

Getting involved with Athena Racing is important to me because I have a 7-year-old niece who means the world to me. I want her to grow up feeling empowered, and for her to have the strength to pursue whatever her heart desires… even when the space she wants to enter is traditionally male-dominated. Athena Racing helps to pave the way for young girls like my niece, and this is why I want to be a part of an organization that is so uplifting.

What are your key strengths that Athena’s team will value?

I did a lot of public speaking over the years for the soccer foundation. Some events were a few people in a room, and other times it was with large crowds with the cameras rolling. I became really good at practicing techniques for stage fright or even remembering what I wanted to talk about. This is something that I would like to share with the students.

Another strength I bring is perspective. Growing up in a low-income, single parent household, in a neighborhood with gang and drug violence was extremely difficult. But I worked hard to get myself onto a better path, eventually earning a full-ride scholarship into an Ivy League institution where I learned so much about the world. The perspective of navigating two vastly different spaces has allowed me to merge these two worlds to have deeper and meaningful conversations with teammates/colleagues. This becomes especially helpful when brainstorming ideas or developing projects.

What experiences or other aspects of your personal life enhance your ability as a team member?  

Playing Division 1 soccer for Dartmouth College is the experience that most enhanced my ability as a team member. Specifically, being elected captain for our last season which was not only humbling, but also taught me so much about leadership within a competitive environment. The greatest lesson I learned from a championship-winning group of people is that in order to get everyone moving towards the same goals is I need to lead with empathy and joy. Empathy allowed me to connect with the players individually which helped me understand how each player was going to feel connected to the organization in a positive way. Joy was used to creating a more intimate space for the entire team. The combination of both made the process of winning three Ivy League Championships possible with everyone united.